It’s the season of twinkling lights in trees, homes and businesses. Besides bringing good fortune, lights are also excellent enhancers of business success as they help drawing visitors into the business; especially restaurants, bars and retail stores.

Everyone loves the magical affect of those lights during the dark winter months. Being reminded of childhood days they fill our hearts with joy and happiness and creategoodwill. Lights, like candles, make powerful offerings and are used in many religions.

Light is a very important aspect to any space, for living or working, and of course having a lot of natural daylight is preferable. So, how to use light in an office space then?

Offices located in the basement have usually no or very few small windows and are therefore not advisable as workspace due to lack of positive, lively energy.

Bright lights initiate pressure and stress, can irritate, lead to aggression and make a person and his/her work very impulsive. Even though natural daylight is considered lucky; too much light can be overwhelming as it creates too much yang energy causing difficulties to concentrate and making us vulnerable. Full-length windows around the desk should therefore be avoided. Best solution is half windows to provide cover around your workplace.

It is again about the right balance! Supplement natural light with light sources that create softer light and a more peaceful atmosphere. This can be reached with full spectrum lights integrated in the ceiling structure. They simulate natural daylight, bring good visibility and are energy efficient at the same time. In addition indirect light can be added for warmer atmosphere as well as cure wherever fire energy is needed.

Choose a combination of up-lights vs. down-lights, direct and indirect light within a space, office or home. It helps not only creating ambiance, but gives the room also more depths and can be used to accentuate interior features, images etc. Working areas need sufficient lighting as it increases efficiency; and that gets more important with age!

Lights, representing the fire element, can also be used to enhance, activate, suppress or control other aspects. Here some examples:

  1. Fire energy enhances the southwest sector representing love and motherhood as well as the Northeast (education luck).
  2. It can suppress sectors of the wood element. Those are the Southeast representing wealth and the East standing for health. But why should you want to weaken wealth and health you wonder? In Feng Shui we use the elements also to control the influence of the ‘stars’. In total there are nine stars, some of them having a positive influence while others are harmful. Positive stars in any prominent sector shall be enhanced while the harmful stars shall be controlled to limit any obstacles.
  3. The element fire can influence all nine stars:
    1-star for career luck
    2-star bringing illness
    3-star creating conflicts
    4-star representing love & relationships
    5-star indicating loss of all kind
    6-star bringing heaven luck and protection
    7-star leading to competition and bringing violence and burglary
    8-star representing wealth and abundance
    9-star creating recognition and fame

The year 2015, starting 19 February, will be ruled by the 3-star and brings conflicts. The influence of this wooden star can be weakened by fire. Place bright lights and/or colour red in the centre of your home. Alternatively implement metal energy and use white or any metallic colour – or combine both options.

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I hope to see you in 2015! In the meantime, I wish you a good year-end with lots of twinkling lights to fulfil your wishes!