Dear D.,

You found me via Google and sent an email to make a call appointment as you were looking for a solution to fix your relationship problems. Within a week I had a conversation and you told me that you had moved a while ago, into an apartment that was completely rebuilt and furnished. Very nice, but you have not been able to enjoy it so far!

For an unknown reason your relationship was suddenly very distant and your partner did not want to visit or stay with you. You also told me that you were expecting a baby, but because of the relationship problems you considered an abortion. You were sad, afraid and distracted from other tasks and of course it already had an effect on your own company.

Your story touched me very much and I wanted to help as much and as soon as possible! I secretly doubted myself a little if the situation could be remedied by implementation of my Feng Shui advice, but I wanted to do my very best to reduce your grief and minimize the disturbance in your relationship.

After we had discussed everything and you agreed with the conditions, I had received all the documentation from you and started my analysis. I looked at your and your partners date of birth, your horoscope signs, the present and absent elements and finally the floor plan of your home. I worked out my advice and came to visit. First I needed to confirm the compass measurements and then I explained my findings. We implemented some changes to your home settings immediately (the right date and time I had already chosen for the visit).

Your house was very modern and everything was extremely neat. What struck me was that everything had hard contours and cold materials /colors were used. The yin & yang aspect was out of balance and the house was very masculine, without female forms and with little personal atmosphere and warmth. That is of course really a thing for an expecting woman where the need for security, the desire to create a safe environment for the child, plays a major role.

Upon entering, there was a small closet for shoes with a mirror on it. There was just enough room not to run into it. The hallway was wide enough so that it was not really an obstacle, but something was wrong with it so I moved it on the other side.

The house had an L-shape and when imposing the energy card it became apparent that the love sector in the house was simply completely missing. That all together for me was the explanation for the disturbances within the relationship.

After my appointment you implemented some softer materials and shapes in the house, an eye-catcher of fiery color in the living room for a cozier atmosphere and I had activated certain aspects by placing water and had rebuilt the missing love sector. Finally, I also wanted to clean the heavy atmosphere in the house. I had everything to execute an energetic space clearing and you indicated already before I left that you felt a difference.

I left, hoping that my minor interventions and adjustments would make a difference and waited for an update from you.Relationsship problems_solved

When you contacted me after about a week, my heart opened! You sent me an email and said that your relationship was suddenly warmer and you both felt more connected than ever before! You had decided to rent a new home together and …. to build a home for your baby! I was speechless and under tears!!! Such good news!

We have no active contact ever since, but every time I see a picture of you and your child on Facebook I am deeply touched and hope you are really as happy as it looks!

You also told me that you were suffering from uncontrolled alcohol consumption and that the craving for alcohol was also reduced after my visit.

Your story still touches me and I am thankful I could help!
I wish you and your family Merry Christmas a Happy New Year!

Britta van Arman
(Story is anonymous and D. is not the real initial.)