Spending one third of our life in the office, it is extremely important to have a harmonious environment. Applying some Feng Shui rules helps increasing team productivity! Harmony at the workplace reduces office politics and sick days, increases focus and personal achievements, which leads to better team performance and contributes to the business results.

How that works?
The energy of the environment automatically influences the energy level of persons. Pure, balanced and high spatial energy causes the energy of a person to be pure and high too – and people with high energy attract other people! Have a look at celebrities and successful business men/women – they all have high energy. Besides attracting other people, they also attract opportunities and it seems like whatever they touch turns into gold. Right?

So, if you learn to increase the energy of your work environment, it will increase your own personal energy and will make you more attractive to all the good things out there!

But first, you need to make sure that nothing blocks the energy from entering your office space. For that, check what you see when you enter the office, on the desk, on the floor besides your desk, in or on the shelves, printer etc. and start to clean up if necessary.

You can’t focus, tasks take twice as long, projects don’t work according to plan, the team is arguing over small incidents? What can you do? Unblock the Chi in your office!

Boxes in the entrance hall, jackets and bags on the floor, stacked up files and reference materials on the desk, drawers full of unsorted paperwork. Clutter is blocking the energy flow and can cause a series of misfortunes by blocking creativity and analytical abilities. Clutter creates chaos, confusion and stress, makes you and the team inefficient and unprofessional. Having a good filing system helps finding things back easily. It allows to fulfilling tasks in a quick, efficient and professional way. Therefore, start looking around you to identify areas to sort out and clean. Throw away unused items to make space for new things, thoughts and ideas. Keep the office space and the desk tidy and clean. It will allow you to focus better and give you a clearer mind to tackle challenging issues. Order and organisation helps to stay calm and productive. As clutter drains your energy and hinder your best intentions, you need to create a clear system and not let clutter ruin your health and your business.

There are many more aspects of good office Feng Shui. It starts with defining the layout and use of areas within the office space. Here the location of the restrooms is just as important as the place of the CEO’s office. It’s not without reason that Steve Jobs took those aspects into account when planning the Apple Headquarter! Also the seating areas of the various teams and the directions their members are facing plays a role. Furthermore the choice of colours and materials, lighting and plants  is very important as it has an impact on the health and stimuli of every employee.

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10 Feng Shui Tips to boost your Business Success