The year change is always the time for resolutions. From healthy eating, sporting to reaching career goals while making more time for yourself, family and friends – but how can you make sure to really pull it off this time? Well, first of course you need to think of the practical approach on how to reach your goal and make a plan! Then the plan needs to be translated into actions; small steps you can take to get closer to your goal – and then start implementing! But one aspect that most people forget is to check and adjust the personal environment!

Start the year with an eye on your living and working environment as your surrounding has a huge impact on wellbeing, personality, mindset and relationships. Did you know that it only takes 3 months before you feel the impact of a building on physical, mental and emotional level?

It is comparable to your body holding together organs, bloodstream and bones. If one part is not working properly, the whole system is blocked and out of balance – you experience pain after some time. Look the same way at your surrounding: In nature everything is interacting in harmony, but through human interference (like constructions) things often get out of balance.

And just like in our bodies, this leads to problems with can reflect in all areas of our lives, from health, relationships, performance in business and the financial situation. So, if you want to reach your goals this year, make sure to create a harmonic space for working and living!

Applying Feng Shui aims to unify spatial energies with the natural energies and can control that way negative influences. Based on recognised formulas the energy of a house or office can be calculated, clashes can be identified and cured by implementing the most beneficial colours and materials. Already rather small adjustments can make a difference!

A balanced home will help you to perform better so that your efforts pay off easier and faster. Do you want to get started? Download the free eBook  and apply the information to your own floorplan. Need guidance?  Book a free call to find out how I can help.

What is your New Years resolution and your plan to reach your goals? Make it count in 2015!