If you are searching for a new home, whether it is an apartment or a house, or you simply want to check if your current home has the right settings for a harmonious life, follow these simple tips to evaluate the buildings’ potential for a happy and healthy life.

The examination of a home starts with the exterior followed by the interior. Imagine you are approaching a friends’ house for the first time and the things you look at upon your arrival; the neighbourhood, the actual street, the home next door, the appearance of the building itself, the entrance hall, the view.


  • Choose a house that has a clean and open entrance area with a wide foyer area to accommodate people and their personal energy when entering the building
  • The path or driveway leading to the front door should rather be curved than straight
  • If there is a water fountain in front of the building, pay attention where it is placed in relation to the front door. Placement on the left side (standing inside looking out) is preferable.
  • Avoid homes build on a hill top or a penthouse on top of a building; they have no support or protection and are likely to be hit by storms, lightening etc.


  • Check the entrance direction with a compass to make sure it corresponds to one of your good directions (download the free e-Book to learn more). For apartments above the 9th floor, the window or balcony with the largest window is the indicator while for apartments on lower levels the main entrance to the building (ground floor) needs to be measured.
  • A wide foyer is preferable over a tiny entrance hall or corridor to allow the energy to accumulate when entering the house
  • The space should be free of clutter
  • Mirrors and staircases should not be facing directly the building’s entrance or the door to your apartment.
  • Elevator doors should not face the entrance to your apartment
  • Avoid an apartment with entrance at the end of a corridor, a narrow corner space or right opposite a window.
  • The bathroom or especially toilet should not be allocated right above the entrance area.

The view

  • Windows with a beautiful view over a wide, open space (nature or city) should be kept open to allow the light and energy to enter. But if your view is not nice and some sharp objects like edges of buildings, crossed beams or church towers are facing you, you better put up some curtains or shades.

It sounds like a lot to look out for when choosing the location for a new home, but it is worth doing as it reduces the obstacles in your life and therefore enhances your success, health and relationship luck.

If you were evaluating your current home and realised that your home is facing some obstacles, there are remedies that can be applied. For example small, cramped entrance areas can be visibly broadened by placement of a mirror in the right spot, sharp corners of other buildings can be covered by planting a hedge or installing a fence etc.

Please feel free to place your questions below to share your experience and concerns.
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