Intentions and plans for growth

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If you are still busy setting intentions, making plans for personal or business growth, you’re right on and in the flow! This months’ energy (yin wood ox) suggests taking time to analyse the result of all your hard work of the past months, paying good attention to hidden, maybe internal factors and thinking of ways [...]

Fly high and show yourself

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Just like August, September carries again a business-like, fierce metal energy which supports your efforts to show yourself! Take advantage of this energy and make your very own voice heard; don’t be shy, ride on top of the wave and show yourself, share your vision and mission to the world! Just mind your words to [...]

Make your dreams come true

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The last months were influenced by the fierce energy of fire, heat and passion. With the month of August we are starting a new season and welcome the cooling metal energy into the Feng Shui chart. Metal is associated with strength, business, following through and taking decisions. The right energy to make your dreams come [...]

Wealth creation with Feng Shui?

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A lot of people think of Feng Shui as magic promising financial windfalls by simply implementing some Chinese decoration. This is a myth! Balanced energies support wealth creation, but […]

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