Three areas of conflict

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March already! Time to get your battle suit on and go back out. Mixed energies causing conflicts in three areas while calling in romance too. Careful, this might be a dangerous combo for those in relationships! Take advantage of that sparkling light of this yin fire month to shine onto the dark spots of your [...]

Christmas spirit in all corners?

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Christmas spirit is in the air! While darkness is dominant over daytime, it’s a time of family celebrations and sparkling light decorations. All festivities are about giving, recognising and thanking each other and spreading happiness. We are using seasonal spices in baked and cooked goods to stimulate feelings of warmth, trust, love and even fertility. [...]

Energetic blockages cause relationship problems – a real story

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Dear D., You found me via Google and sent an email to make a call appointment as you were looking for a solution to fix your relationship problems. Within a week I had a conversation and you told me that you had moved a while ago, into an apartment that was completely rebuilt and furnished. [...]