Three areas of conflict

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March already! Time to get your battle suit on and go back out. Mixed energies causing conflicts in three areas while calling in romance too. Careful, this might be a dangerous combo for those in relationships! Take advantage of that sparkling light of this yin fire month to shine onto the dark spots of your [...]

Fly high and show yourself

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Just like August, September carries again a business-like, fierce metal energy which supports your efforts to show yourself! Take advantage of this energy and make your very own voice heard; don’t be shy, ride on top of the wave and show yourself, share your vision and mission to the world! Just mind your words to [...]

Is your temper endangering your relationships?

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Relationships are one of our biggest assets! This monthly update talks about the impact of the fierce fire energies on relationships and provides tips to help you sail through the month of June! June 2018 is guided by heat and the urge to find balance between yin (night, female) and yang (day, male) energies. The [...]

Energies with double impact!

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Keep control of conflicts, competition and health problems and enhance your relationship and wealth luck! This month the flight of the energies is equal to the set of annual stars which strengthens their affect on us. Some directions get extremely lucky while others are troubling. […]