Relationships are one of our biggest assets!

This monthly update talks about the impact of the fierce fire energies on relationships and provides tips to help you sail through the month of June!

June 2018 is guided by heat and the urge to find balance between yin (night, female) and yang (day, male) energies. The interaction between the elements fire and earth plus the absence of element water will lead to eruptions! Physically as well as emotionally.

Emotional imbalance

Volcano activity is increasing; especially in the Southeast and also tempers are heating up and conversations might get out of control. Cool your jets and think twice before you say something you could regret to avoid misunderstandings, conflicts and verbal fights with your partner, family, friends, colleagues or business partners.

Planning instead of acting

Instead, use this month to make plans you can roll-out once the tempers are cooled down. There are probably some unfinished projects or business ideas that you can pick up?! The new soil created by the earths’ eruptions will provide the food for growth of these projects and ideas in the future.

Love is in the air

For those with animal sign rooster, ox or snake, it is a Peach Blossom month and brings opportunities for new romance and relationships. If you are single and looking for a new partner, go out to meet new people and make those connections!

But let’s look into this months’ energy map and figure out what else you can do for a smooth ride through the turbulences.

Flying stars June 2018 – update for your home energies

Red number – the stars June 2018
Black number – the annual stars

Love for all in the East!
Spend time in the EAST sector of your home to tap into loving energy. Use it as facing direction while eating or watching TV, plan your social activities in this area of your home. But, remove sharp objects and obstacles to keep the energy positive!

Study support in NE!
While the knowledge star resided in the South last month, it moved to NE in June. For those still taking exams, change your desk position to avoid the conflicting energy of the 5-star which moved into the South now.

Authority problems in N!
While North is the career sector and this months’ star would usually be a boost for authority and status – this year it’s NOT! Keep avoiding this sector of the home and keep it as quiet as possible there. 

Attack to your digestive system in NW!
If you work or sleep in NW, you can expect some issues with your digestive system. If you cannot avoid use of the sector, place a lot of metal decorations there. Heavy figurines and statutes will help suppress this energy.

Arguments in W!
This is work-related. High chances for conflicts with colleagues or business partners which could even lead to legal cases. Caution here! Also here, metal is the remedy.

Let’s hear your voice, mother!
The SW is the sector of the matriarch, the mother in the household and visited by the 7 star it sharpens our communication and makes it easier to teach, sell and represent yourself. Make plans to get out there, but be careful it does not turn around – people might also attack you for your knowledge or even steal your ideas.

Set-backs coming from S!
This month is bringing challenges and set-backs if this area is heavily used by you. And depending on the use, it effects also the area of your life and might even harm your reputation. But it’s temporarily. Best is to take is slow this month to avoid those situations.

Get inspired in SE!
Great area for entrepreneurs and all those seeking inspiration to innovate and grow. This month promises new collaborations and relationships that help you achieve more reach and potentially higher income.


Nature’s symbols for guidance to reach a better flow

Use these symbols during meditations and visualisations and ask them for guidance to find and define your personal place in society. This month we seek for balance between yin & Yang, between the male and female aspects of our being.

The bee
A bee hive symbolizes the ideal society, based on harmonic and balanced teamwork. The insects are divided in groups with different assignments and the way they work together makes it possible that a hive is growing so fast. The bee invites you to celebrate life, to work together with others and contribute with your knowledge to the needs of society. Perseverance, harmonious connections and fertility are keywords for this month.


The hawthorn
A tree with meandering branches, knots and thick thorns and small leaves. Her white blossoms are spreading an intoxicating small in the early summer, in fall it’s covered in red berries. Her leaves are eatable and provide as much nutrition as a piece of bread with cheese. The branches are used to make home decorations for protection against bad influences. The hawthorn helps you to connect with the experiences of your ancestors and companions for further growth and makes you understand your responsibilities.

What are your tips to keep your cool? Share them with us in the comments below!

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