3 ways to reconnect with yourself and your surrounding to create more happiness

April invites you to reconnect with yourself, your unique talents and the person you always wanted to be. During this spring season (spring = creation & growth) the insights from reconnecting are helpful for your personal development, add value to your career or business while creating happiness for yourself. Well, it actually all starts with yourself! If you are happy, that is what you radiate and attract. Remember the strength of the heart vs. the brain vibrations I talked about in my previous newsletter?

3 ways to reconnect

  • Breathing, Meditating & Grounding
    Take a short break whenever you feel disconnect due to stress for example. 2-5 minutes of focussed breathing, mentally connecting with your body, your thoughts and emotions helps to increase inner balance and getting closer to yourself. Making connection with the earth gives stability, is grounding, energising and connects you to your core. If you are not into meditative exercises, simply walk barefoot as much as possible and spend time in nature. Seeking shelter under a tree, especially under or next to an alder tree, is supportive for reconnecting.
  • Analysing 
    This is the active, mental work where you either think back of your younger age and try to remember what it was that made you happy before it was filtered out by expectations from teachers, parents and friends. What were your true desires and talents back then? Or use analytical tools. Life Mapping is the tool I am using; check it out here! Based on the energy present at your time of birth it can be determined what your desires, your talents and even your purpose are.
  • Aligning
    Spatial alignment allows you to work in flow. Knowing which areas to use for which purpose makes it easier to get to your goal. Thinking of the month energy and suggestion to reconnect, I suggest to spend time in Northwest where wisdom and success energies are teaming up with the clarity, inspiration and creativity as well as support from other people.

What else has april in store? The overall energy indicates a wealth boost

The Earth Dragon as leader of the month and brings stability and good vibes on the mystical journey and helps connecting the dots in a down-to-earth, practical manner.

The 9-star combination with the annual 8-star in the center leads to wealth boosting events; eventually promotions or short-term investments lead to financial growth.

In the energy map below you find two numbers in each grid. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars. No worries, you do not need to understand this grid, I am translating it for you.

Relationship with colleagues and friends as well as with family are facing some negative vibes with the illness star in West and the aggression star in East. With the knowledge and romance sector (NE) also being afflicted, it might be a good month to focus on yourself, your personal development and career opportunities to secure financial gains.

Oh yes, the month is good in terms of financial opportunities and might even bring unexpected windfalls as long as you keep up the good work! While the career is not progressing this month, there are plenty of helpful people around to support you. Why not ask for help of a coach to define your personal focus and figure out which of your talents to develop and tap into? Oh isn’t this amazing how the Feng Shui energy overlaps with the shamanistic view I gave in my intro?

Tapping into your home’s energies

If you have a choice, simply stay out of the areas with rather negative energies (E, NE, N and W) and try to actively use the remaining sectors of your home for important activities, for working and sleeping.

If your home’s front door or bedroom is located in North, you might face issues and even losses at work. Implement heavy metal objects in this area. Do the same in West to avoid health issues and miscommunications with colleagues – as well as in NE to calm down conflicting energies.

Competition, violence and potentially robbery is stirring up the East. If your door is in the East sector of the house, make sure to secure your home to avoid break-ins. Place water if you want to work with a ‘cure’.

Water is also a great enhancer for finance luck in Southeast this month, but it is sufficient to use the SE sector for all money related matters.

Find your talents and align your home

Grab the opportunity, surf on that wave rather than struggling against the stream! I invite you to schedule a free call and download the free e-book to find out how to create your sanctuary for a healthier, happier and more successful life!

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