The last months were influenced by the fierce energy of fire, heat and passion. With the month of August we are starting a new season and welcome the cooling metal energy into the Feng Shui chart. Metal is associated with strength, business, following through and taking decisions. The right energy to make your dreams come true!┬áBut let’s have a look at the flying stars to find out how to get the right support!

Energy map for August 2018

This August, the annual 9-star is teaming up with the auspicious 8-star bringing inspiration, prosperous relationships, wealth and happy events this august! Make best use of it by taking advantage of the best sectors in your home or office and avoiding the ones bringing obstacles.

In the energy map below you find two numbers in each grid. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars. Allocate the direction of your front door (the one used by everybody living in your house). The stars in the matching sector represent the energy impacting the entire household. Then continue to check the reading for any other sector you are using actively. Most important are bedrooms and workspace.

Northwest & Southeast hold best opportunities this month!

This is a really good sector again this month and supports you to make your dreams come true. However, it requires to take action and put effort into the realisation! Clear communication is the key to succeeding and will help with the creation of wealth and relationships.

The South sector gets visit from the quarrelsome 3-star. Not regarded as a lucky star, but in combination with the annual 4-star it triggers quick thinking and the ability to respond to difficulties in a fast and intelligent manner. Take advantage and use the South sector when trying to solve challenges and misunderstandings for a positive outcome this month.

Sleeping or spending a lot of time in SW might lead to backpain or intestinal problems as well as brain-related issues. Also mentally the combination of the energies makes you uncertain of your spot in society, your mission and vision. The mindset causes stress and hard work towards whatever you want to achieve. If you want to avoid it, stay out of the sector. Not possible? Well then place heavy metal objects in SW to suppress the negative impact. Think practically: maybe you are working out with weights at home? Store them in your SW room this month!

The annual illness star 2 gets visit from the water & intelligence 1-star, but this sector might still be impacting your health. Stomach pain, problems with yoru digestive system and even reproductive system might be the result. Place heavy metal objects in this sector to control the illness-star while activating the lucky 1-star for support of noble people bringing peace and harmony into your life.

This is the absolute best sector this month and support collaboration with other parties. Use the NW sector to set up partnerships, exchanging ideas during meetings. This combination of the 1 and the 9-star enables to reach goals, maximize success for the year to come. Wow; I know where I spend my working hours this month!

This is still a danger zone and best avoided! Health is effected, especially if you do not take time for relaxation. Think of nerves, joints and overall body aches! Spend time with your loved ones for relaxation and rejuvenation this month! Placing a lot of wood items in the sector also reduces its impact and helps relationships.

Lethargy and aggressions are the leaders of this sector. If you have new ideas, they might not be well-received this month. Try to overcome your passiveness and show some passion! If negativity takes over, check how much time you are spending in the NE sector of your home or office and try to move to a better one for the next 4 weeks!

Two metal stars are meeting up and start a fight here! Conflicts and powerplays are not rare and also physical injuries appear. However, all is happening for a good outcome! Just stay diplomatic and do not close doors!

Check the location of your workspace or bedroom to be prepared for this month energy. How?
Stand with a compass in the center of your home and then divide the floor plan of your home or office into the 8 compass directions. That way you can identify exactly in which sector your rooms are located and what energies impact you, other family members or colleagues. If you are effected by negative energies, try to move into another area for a few weeks, put the recommended materials in place or spend more time in the positive sectors!

I would be thrilled to hear what you are experiencing this month. Simply post in the comments hereunder and I will respond as well!

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