Sharing knowledge and spreading your expertise is a great way to expand the network and build an expert status. Easier said than done? This November month is providing supportive energies to tap into your knowledge to succeed.

Get to know the leader of the month

Envision a fragile flower or a field of grass moving with the wind. What attributes do you connect with this picture? Starting 8th November the energy of yin wood pig is in charge; here what that means:

Yin wood is described as flexible, quickly adaptive to change, intelligent and persuasive. Persons with self-element yin wood often have low self-esteem and their sensitiveness makes them dependent on others and their opinions. While the pig does not mind to get dirty, yin wood prefers to use its intellect and persuasive communication skills to catch the attention of others. Yin wood easily gets bored, likes change and is the perfect networker.

With the pig in the driver seat this month, we are doubling up its energy. Remember, we are in a pig year! Knowledge seeking, socialising and supporting others are the main attributes of the intelligent pig. Perfect and supportive energies to turn your knowledge into profit! But there is also a negative side to it. Envision two pigs running around in the mud; you might not stay clean if you get too close and even mingle in. That means, you are better off to mind your own business this month and do not get involved in anything that might cause a scandal.

Changes = Chances?

It’s is going to be a tricky month for snake born! If you are born in the month or the year of snake (8 May – 7 June or years 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959), you are facing a change in your social circle or professional life; and not necessarily by own choice! You might be asked to change direction, move into another position or department and/or move home. Be prepared and rather action yourself rather than waiting it out! But also for the pig it’s not going to be easy. If you are dealing with conflicts or need to take important decisions, better take a step back, ask for help reviewing the situation before getting deeper into a mud fight.

Let’s talk a little more about knowledge as this is one of the major aspects of this November. I am all about personal development and increasing my knowledge and expertise. If you want to be in the flow with the universal energies, it’s time that you also look for ways to gain new insights and skills to create more value for yourself, your career and/or company! Knowledge is our capital and empowers us to create change too!

It is the perfect time now to plan ahead for 2020 and I would love to provide you insights about the upcoming year while helping you to formulate and visualize your goals for next year.

Goal setting & Synchronicity

Have you ever wondered how to set goals that really make you thrive?
Goals that feel aligned?
Goals that do not require that internal struggle to reach them?

I teamed up with my friend and colleague Carmen Kollmann, Founder Healthy Inner You, and together we developed a unique approach to goal setting to make you thrive in 2020. Join us on 24 November in Amsterdam to make 2020 your best year yet!

Spatial energies – Feng Shui November 2019

Also review this month’s energy update to define your best (temporarily) spots within your home (or office):

Personally, I like the Southeast and North best this month. They both have a slightly challenging energy and are focussed on sharing knowledge and seeking support. As long as you embrace it and see the challenge as an opportunity you can use  it as a wave to ride on. The energy patterns promises a successful outcome.

The Southwest is the most challenging sector, especially for the female leader and I recommend to stay out of this part of the home/office this month to avoid bad decision making, health issues and a blurred mind. If this is where you have the bathroom or kitchen, you won’t be impacted! Another dangerous secret is the Northeast. The 5-2 combination has the power to bring things to an end; whether this is a project that does not take off, a failing relationship or pregnancy. As this combination is in an Earth sector (NE), its energy is supposed to be disarmed, but I rather warn you and prefer myself to stay away from NE as much as possible this month.

Get the full overview to tap into the best space

In the sketch below, I indicated the impact of the monthly energies The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars. Their combination defines the energetical impact.
Take out your compass (on your smartphone for example), divide your entire home/office or a single room according to the grid and compass directions to define where to best spend your time this November!

Is your front door located in a negative sector? Then you are activating this aspect every time you enter the home (or office) and I suggest that you either use another entrance or take action to implement a cure.
Do you need help identifying the best cure? I am happy to review your home Feng Shui to get you back in the flow and thriving! Just send me an email!

You can also pre-book your Feng Shui update 2020 already now to ensure you are one of the first persons to receive a customized home review in January for just 150 Euros. This is a limited offer – so act fast before it’s gone! Simply send an email.

Let us know how your month started, what challenges you are facing or what actions you are taking during this period of the year!

Wishing you good Chi!