Allow your intuition to lead the way during this yin water rooster month starting 8 September and lasting until 7 October.

Ying water is like mist or soft rain in the morning, nurturing but unpredictable, bringing some mystery into the day and this month as fall is slowly taking over.

Intuition and following your instincts is what leads to success when creating your dreams when yin water is in the driver seat. Its partner in crime, the rooster with its practical, romantic approach and loud voice, is making sure to translate your dreams into actionable plans and communicate them. Therefore, it’s now a good time to turn your dreams into action!

Love is in the air

Also with regards to love, this month has quite an influence: The rooster being one of the peach blossom animals, love is in the air for the dragen, monkey and rat born. If you are single and still looking for a partner, take action now! Go out and play! In a relationship already? Good time to boost the romance factor as long as you avoid external influences if you know what I mean ;-).

Stimulate you intuition

Intuition can also be linked to the energy centers of our body; the 6thchakra called “Ajna”. It is your 3rdeye, located between your eyebrows and stands for intuition & self-reflection and adolescence.

In today’s hectic world, we often push our intuition aside and take decisions based on what seems logic even though something inside us tells us otherwise. This gut feeling is what we also call intuition. To stimulate your intuition, try to focus on the 3rdeye while meditating with closed eyes, or put a crystal on this spot if you prefer to lie down and simply listen to relaxing music.

“I SEE” is the mantra of this chakra, but sometimes it takes courage to really SEE and by trusting this invisible force that is supposed to guide us. Do you trust and follow your intuition? If not, why? Maybe because we have been raised by parents and within societies that take decisions for us? Where we are fulfilling expectations and do not dare to stand out when follow our own gut feeling and true self? This is what adolescence is about; start making your own decisions and learn to trust your instincts! This month will support you in the process! Just try to listen to your inner voice.

Energy distribution in your home or office

So, leaves me to add the monthly energy update to help you define your best (temporarily) spots within your home (or office):

Best areas in your home or office are the North and the West while the Northeast and Southwest bring obstacles. I indicated the impact of the monthly energies directly in the sketch below where you find two numbers in each grid. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars.

Take out your compass (on your smartphone for example) and move your work or study space to be most suitable area if you can, and even sleep in another room if necessary.

Tap into the best energy

As usual, keep the center of your home clear of clutter, remove any obstacle that could block the energy. Spend time in the areas that are supportive for your activities.


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Make it a good month and tap into the best Chi!