It’s a good time now to put ideas into action, communicate and carry them out into the world. The yang metal horse energy of the month is helping to spread the word fast. But… do you have the right ideas to profit from the horse energy? How to find inspiration? Find my 4 tips to help you get inspired and align your activities to the spacial energies thereunder.

Goat is the luckiest horoscope sign this month as its energy is combining with its secret friend, the horse. The horse takes you out to network and collaborate with others. Maybe you find a new peer to join forces with?

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got!”- Albert Einstein

Those born under the sign of the rat might have another tough month ahead as unintended change is on its way! To influence the outcome of the upcoming change, try to do things differently this month.

This June is about inspiration and ideas. I collated 4 tips to help you find inspiration as a first step in your idea generating process:

How to find inspiration

For me, inspiration starts with my own mindset and life-style. Before I can get inspired by external factors and impressions, I need to open up and ground myself to be able to receive those external triggers. Stopping the autopilot, taking time for myself to fully and consciously experience the moment has helped me to put things into a different light, break habits and dare more. Here how you can get started yourself with four easy exercises:

  1. Stopping the auto-pilot
    There are so many things we do automatically; without thinking or really experiencing them. Just think of your daily commute to work or the way to school for dropping off your child. Did you ever wonder how you actually got from A to B? I did! Lost in thoughts we do things without paying attention to them. Sounds familiar?Furthermore, being on auto-pilot also increases the chance of sticking to old patterns; repeating the same activities, having the same negative thoughts, reacting the same way to challenges. Paying more attention to the ‘here and now’ allows us to make different choices and connections. We all of a sudden see things for the first time, even though we have passed them thousand times before on our commute. Start today to consciously commute from A to B – maybe take another route, enjoy it and get inspired by the things you see, hear, smell and feel.
  2. Removing labels
    When we hear, see or smell something, we often start labelling the object, the person involved or the situation. The sound of an airplane crossing over your house might have a negative label for some while it might remind others of holidays in a positive way. What happens if you remove the label and stop judging? It makes space for new thinking and inspiration. You can practice during a meditation. Listen to the noises around you and be aware of your labelling.
  3. Connecting consciously
    Paying attention to yourself, your breathing, physical sensations, movements and your environment is another way to trigger inspiration. Did you ever walk in slow-motion to feel the power of your own body? Or do you walk barefoot through grass or along the beach to ground yourself? Just try it out, take 15 minutes daily to practice any of the above. Tai Chi or Qi Gong are also great!
  4. Exploring
    Now go out, with an open-mind and in the moment. Explore new places, an exhibition or a new network of people. You will have much deeper experiences and connections and get inspired in different way. It all starts with yourself!

What do you do when you are looking for inspiration? Feel free to share your tips or questions in the comments below.

Tapping into spacial energies for support 

Overall energy:
This month the wealth star #7 is joining the annual 8-star in the center. The 7 in general stands for competition, robbery and even violence. Paired with the prosperity 8-star this indicates risks of financial losses, maybe due to somebody stealing your idea, your copyright or even your money. Combined with the horse energy, I suggest you communicate your idea only once you are ready to act upon it too!

As usual, keep the center of your home clear of clutter, remove any obstacle that could block the energy. That way you avoid activating the competitive energy.

In the energy map below you find two numbers in each grid. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars and you might notice that all numbers are doubling up this month and create extremes – either positive or negative.

Three areas to support idea finding, collaboration and financial flow

  1. In West #9 is combining with success (#1) and makes this one of the most auspicious sectors bringing prosperity and success in business relationships. West is the perfect area to use for gatherings with colleagues to lead your joined projects to success.
  2. The #8 in Northwest brings financial luck and support from your superiors or partners. There is potential for a promotion or financial gain when putting your idea to market!
  3. North is boosting your ability to react quick and intelligently to any challenge or underlying attempt for betrayal. This is career related! Whatever situation you are facing, look at it as a learning experience and move on!

Obstacles and hazards

Especially the Southeast and Northeast are bringing obstacles and are therefore better avoided.

  1. The wealth sector in Southeast is under influence of strong metal energy which causes stagnation in your financial situation. Be mindful of potential cuts. The best way to balance this energy is to put water here.
  2. Even though Northeast brings success in studies, it is not a good area as it creates health related issues. Mind your diet to avoid stomach and intestine problems. If you pregnant, avoid this sector completely to avoid any troubles.

Are you ready for your Feng Shui supported journey?
Use the areas above that support turning your ideas into actions (W, NW and N) and avoid those that create conflicts or blockages (especially SE and NE).

If you don’t know how to get started, post your questions below and/or schedule a free, personalised call. I will give you some tips and explain what I can do for you; in your personal situation. No strings attached!

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