August started on the 8th and is called the month o the hungry ghosts. August is lead by the metal monkey and unfortunately, the annual pig and the monthly monkey energy do not have much in common!

Emotional rollercoaster

There are challenges ahead of us. It is again time for change, triggered by cosmic yang water energy. Yang water is symbol for our emotions and is like the ocean and it’s tides. Be mindful of the things to come; especially when everything appears calm and quiet, the big (emotional) storm might break loose and hit you completely unprepared.

Make use of the best spots in your home

Best areas in your home or office are the South and the Northeast while the West and Southwest bring obstacles. I indicated the impact of the interaction of the energies directly in the sketch below where you find two numbers in each grid: The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month and the small, black numbers are the annual stars.

Take out your compass (on your smartphone for example) and move your work or study space to be most suitable area. if you can, and even sleep in another room if necessary. As usual, keep the center of your home clear of clutter, remove any obstacle that could block the energy.


Pleasing the spirits this month

August is also known as the month of the hungry ghosts. In this period our ancestors come to visit and try to communicate with us. In Asia you will see even more offerings and ceremonies to please the gods and spirits and if you wish you can do the same in your home. Burning a candle and some incense is enough to maintain calm and peaceful energy around yourself and your home. Of course you can combine it with traditional prayers, music and offerings of flowers, fruit and sweets. Make it your own ritual if you like! There are plenty of video’s on YouTube explaining and making fun of the Chinese tradition and … superstitions? But hey, who am I to judge?

If you are experiencing unwanted paranormal activity in your home or the energy feels simply heavy after illness, conflict or when moving homes, contact me for a space cleansing – or of course for a Feng Shui review of your home!

Have a great month and feel free to share your experience or question with us in the comments below!