Final sprint towards the end of the year and everybody is reviewing goals and thinking of ways to reach them. The monthly energies of yang wood dog (8 October – 7 November ’19) suggest diversity as a way forward.

Diversity & Teamwork

Yang wood is like a tall, deeply rooted tree, inflexible but able to create tremendous growth in various directions at once. Diversity is the keyword leading us to success this October. Diversifying, branching out, connecting with others (maybe from different backgrounds or cultures), following various ideas at the same time. Hmm, that sounds like a lot of work, but rest assured, you do not need to do it alone!

Teamwork makes the dream work

The leading zodiac sign, the dog, is indicating that this month is also about team work, trust and loyalty. Even though there might be some loud barking involved when things do not go according to plan, don’t forget to add some playtime to the occasion and your partners will be thankful and loyal to you. Diversity in business requires creativity, but what if your creative juices just got stuck and you cannot think of ways to expand your current offer or network?

Get unstuck – Bring your ideas to life

The best ideas come when you are distracted and do not at all think about it; when you are travelling, following your hobby, spend time in nature or take care of yourself. And once you have that idea, you need to put it into action, right? Ideas are worthless unless they are followed through and implemented! But awww this is just so often the struggle. So, what can you do to pull off your ideas and bring them to life?

  1. Documenting
    Start writing down your ideas! Sometimes so many ideas are popping up that it’s hard to remember or even realise them all. So why not starting a dedicated booklet to write down any idea – a nice reference to go back to once you fall short of ideas too.
    I find that writing down my ideas is the first step in bringing them to life and connecting the dots with either other ideas I had before or linking it to existing structures, products or services. I am a visual person and if you are too, put it on a flipchart, a poster or similar to make a mind map.
  2. Sharing
    I am not good in doing this publicly, but I do share my ideas with either friends, colleagues or my partner. Sharing ideas helps to get immediate feedback and input that helps develop that idea further. Just make sure you are talking to the right people; the ones you want to reach with your idea. Don’t forget to write it down; otherwise they are forgotten easily. I read that just by sharing especially goals, you have 76% higher success rate. Isn’t that amazing?
  3. Battleplan
    Haha – yes, implementation can be a battle at times. If you are somewhat like me, you probably need a deadline and an accountability partner to make it happen. So, back to point 2… share and communicate! And when creating your battle plan, you need to keep your goals in mind! (Read also my earlier blog about goal setting.) If you still need to reach targets for this calendar year, you better look for the low hanging fruits for quick wins and start planning for 2020 in time! I know goal setting is challenging. They need to be SMART, suit you, your needs and make you feel good and motivated, right? Are you struggling to determine your goals? Do you want to make sure to reach your goal in 2020? Then I have good news for you! Check out the upcoming workshop where you will get some unconventional tools to help you set the right goals to make you thrive!
  4. Selfcare
    I guess you did not expect this one! Did you know that also one of our chakra’s is linked to creativity and will power? It is the solar plexus, the 3rd chakra, which influences the flow of ideas, creativity and willpower. If this energy center is blocked you become insecure, nervous and worried (to just name a few of the effects) – not an ideal state of mind to come up with ideas and take action, right? “I DO” is the mantra of this chakra and to stimulate it, you can carry a yellow crystal on its location (tape it onto your belly with a band aid) and/or book a chakra healing session with me to re-balance the chakra. Read more here.

Creating joy in private life

Diversity is not only something you can apply in business or professional life! Think of your private activities too, maybe you need to add a new ingredient to spice up your life? If the status quo is not creating joy and success, just add something new to the palette of options and see where that takes you!

Are you open to test new waters? I am certainly embracing the challenge. Share with us which ideas you are working on to teamup with this months’ energy too. Can’t wait to hear what you are up to.

Monthly energy distribution

Leaves me to add the monthly energy update to help you define your best (temporarily) spots within your home to support your activities and goals:

Best areas in are the East and the North (as long as you stay focused) while the West and Southwest bring obstacles again. I indicated the impact of the monthly energies directly in the sketch below where you find two numbers in each grid. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars. Their combination defines the energetic impact.

Tapping into the best energy for support

Take out your compass (on your smartphone for example) to define the directions. Divide your floorpan in 9 sectors like above. Apply the reading to your own floorplan. Move your work or study space to the most suitable area. If you sleep in a negative sector, consider moving into a guestroom for the following 4 weeks to tap into positive energy patterns. Is your front door located in a negative sector? Then you are activating this aspect every time you enter the home. Pay attention if you can feel that!

To manipulate the energies you can apply also cures. While you can place heavy metal objects in the West sector to disarm the energy, it is best to simply avoid the Southwest this month. A star combination with negative effect located in the bath, WC, kitchen or storage is a plus as it then does not affect your life!

And here a quick reminder: Keep especially the entry and the center of your home clear of clutter, remove any obstacle that could block the energy from meandering through the house.

Do you want to live aligned to the cosmic energies also in 2020? Schedule a free call with me to discuss the options.