May is bringing change and the chance to innovate! This monthly update explains the cause and gives tips how to turn changes into chances and innovate.

As the annual energy of the earth pig clashes with the zodiac sign of this month, the yin fire snake, change is forced upon us. Especially those born under the sign of the pig and snake might be facing some drastic changes this month, but it will affect also all others in a more subtle way. Why not tapping into the yin earth quality of the month, take some time for yourself, plan and initiate the change yourself rather than waiting it out and react to whatever is forced upon you? Earth energy brings hope and trust. Trust your intuition and judgement and get prepared to innovate!

Fear of change?

Many people fear change, but I prefer to look at it as an opportunity; a chance to review, enhance and innovate. For sure that is not always easy, but it helps coping also with changes that make us feel uncomfortable at first.

Did you know that your Life Map, based on your birth date & time, also reveals best times for innovation? Personally, I am in an innovation cycle for some time now and looking back I can say it is really true. (Yes, I am a practical and realistic person and always check if the things I learn in all my metaphysic studies are really applicable by checking my own situation and a few others before talking about it).

What to do in times of innovation?

Changing what you surround yourself with is the fastest way to stimulate innovation as it creates an energy shift which has an immediate impact on mindset, creativity and self-esteem and triggers re-invention on all levels.

1. Change environment, whether it be career or residence.
Innovating is about progressing, creating change and getting unstuck. A change of home or work environment triggers change automatically. Surrounded with new, hopefully positive, energy a fresh start is supported as a building influences our subconsciousness, emotions, body, mind & spirit within the short amount of time.

2. Create a new network of friends and colleagues to mingle with.
We become what we surround ourselves with, this is applicable for the spaces we use for living and working and for the people we surround ourselves with. Take distance from people that drain your energy and surround yourself with people that are positive, knowledgeable and inspiring to grow and inspire yourself.

3. Find a new activity.
Change can only be created when we start doing things differently or simply do different things. I keep trying out new things and activities all the time and try to keep doing only the things that work for me. Well, there are limitations of course (some things simply can’t be ditched – haha). But make a list of activities that you can replace with something more joyful! During mindful course I started reviewing my day in the evening by making a short list of activities and happenings and then labeling them as energy giver or energy taker. This practice is quick and gives immediate insights of what works well and what does not. Try focussing on the good things by adding more of them to your day and voila – you are innovating!

Let’s also look at the Feng Shui energy map of this month to see which spatial energies can support us along the way when turning changes into something positive.

Spatial support for the month ahead

Overall energy:
This month (5 May – 4 June 2019) the wealth star #8 is joining the annual 8-star in the center. The 8 in general stands for prosperity, wealth and financial aspects and this is what this month is all about. Time to try out new ventures to double your impact! Keep the center of your home clear of clutter and remove any obstacle that could block the energy.

In the energy map below you find two numbers in each grid. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars and you might notice that all numbers are doubleing up this month and create extremes – either positive or negative.

Relationships & Career

Relationship with colleagues and friends are much more relaxed and supportive this month. Sharing knowledge and helping each other is a main topic in your greater network, especially if it’s work related.

Families might be fighting over authority and discuss leadership roles – maybe due to a change in the settings. If this is the case, focus on the common goal and maintain your humility to avoid serious power fights.

To progress in career, it is important to put your knowledge to use. The double 4 is a warning not to hoard your knowledge, but to share it. That way you benefit from it by helping either your employer, your colleagues or your own clients.

Plenty of support is available (9–9 in NW). So, if you do have problems to share your knowledge, it might be just the right time to get help either externally or internally. Both ways, it leads to success if you just action upon it! But there are also obstacles this month.

Obstacles along the way

Not all is rosy this month. The Southwest hosts the double 5 combination, which brings severe problems, if you are sleeping in this part of the home or if you are the mother of the household. Place heavy metal objects in this sector and be prepared to just push it through these upcoming weeks. Best is to avoid this area of the home or office completely if that is feasible.

The South is bringing conflicts and even lawsuits. If you experience a constant feeling of aggressiveness this month, check if you are spending too much time in the South sector.  Try to move to a more supportive space (N, NW, W are the best alternatives). You can also activate the fire element in South by burning candles or using bright lights. The ‘real thing’ (real flames) have a stronger impact than artificial light, but sometimes that is hard to implement too.

If your entrance door is in Southeast, beware of higher security risks and burglary. Water placement is disarming the energy in this area. So, make sure to place a bucket of water or another large water feature there. Some of my clients also like placement of the ‘nazar’ or ‘blue evil eye’ symbol for controlling this energy.

The illness-star brings shadows into romance and scholastic performance in Northeast. In the Netherlands it’s time for school exams this month! NE is certainly not a good study area! Better tap into the energy of the North or West and move your desk into one of these sectors while studying for your exam this month!

If you are falling sick this month, practice some mindfulness and self-healing techniques to recover faster! Start with a mental body scan to identify pain points and then start breathing consciously into these areas after making connection to the universe via your crown-chakra.

Getting prepared for change

Use the areas above that support the changes you are going through, avoid those that create conflicts and blockages (SE, S, SW, NE); unless you want to create a conflict in order to solve a blocked situation.

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