Stay out of my life, my house and my family!

No, I do not mean YOU – I mean the nasty 7-star causing betrayal, robbery and violence!
You are thinking “What the heck is she talking about?” but please read on to hear the full story and find out what security measures you can take.

So this year, we returned to see family after Christmas, to celebrate with all siblings and grandchildren, spread lively energy in my parents home and welcome the new year together. But then everything changed with just one phone call!

It was 5.30 – early morning hours – and we were deep asleep when the phone rang. We barely made it to answer to be completely honest. It was a gentlemen from the alarm system to check if everything was alright as apparently our alarm just went off. I immediately felt this fist in my stomach and knew it wasn’t a false alarm this time! It was a real break-in!
We informed the police and when they called back a few minutes later, my gut feeling was confirmed. The agents found our front door open and the bedrooms turned upside down. I was shocked! All this happened within just 10 minutes!

Could we have done a better job to prevent this from happening? Probably yes. There were a few things we improved in terms of security now, but for crying out loud WE DO HAVE AN ALARMSYSTEM for years! And not only that; we had timers installed so that lights would turn on and off at different times, we had informed our neighbours that we were leaving and keep en eye on the house, we followed some more recommendations I recently read to make the house look ‘alive’… But all that was still not enough to keep the intruders out!

Coming back home to a mess, seeing how quick they are searching the house, and especially imagining we could have been home gave us the creeps and made us realize how vulnerable we are and that there is nothing more important to us than save-guarding our kids to ensure their happy and healthy lives.

But besides some additional security measures we could have taken, I also was not ready with my Feng Shui update of the house before the annual energy shift. I had it all prepared, but simply not implemented by the time we were leaving. In the meantime I of course did my homework and I really advice you to do the same! We were lucky that only some stuff disappeared and nobody was harmed. I am thankful every day that nothing else happened!

So to turn a bad story into something positive I decided to share some tips with you on how to secure your home and protect yourselves. This is extremely important for all mom’s as the so called 7-star flies right into the sector of the matriarch (SW) this year. Females are therefore vulnerable to betrayal, robbery and even violence. So, watch out whom you trust and follow a few simple steps to enhance your Feng Shui to be protected.

So, here my key learning’s and real practical tips:

1. Valuable items such as jewellery
– Take photos of your items
– Note material and weight of the items; also keep receipts (digital)
– Check your insurance coverage and amend if necessary
– Store valuables outside the bedrooms

2. Emergency contacts & numbers
– Note your neighbours phone number; especially the land line as many
People switch off mobile devices at night
– Emergency police number to call from outside the country

3. Home security
– Remote light switches, e.g. Philips hue lights
– Anti-‘Kerntrek’ door locks
– Outside alarm (even though not allowed, it’s a policeman’s recommendation)
– Indoor camera to control activity in the house for fast reaction time in case of emergency

Over a period of a week after the break-in I noticed that some items were un-touched and weird enough they were all lying, standing or hanging right next to a protective ornament! That way I found a valuable ring in a small box; left in a drawer the thieves had completely emptied. Inside the box was also a mantra ring. The next day I noticed that some long necklaces were left on the door hanger. To prevent them from bouncing into the door all the time, they were hanging on top of a white scarf, which was blessed and given to me by a Tibetan monk. Some days later I put something back into our storage room, which the intruders had barely paid attention to. I then noticed that I had placed a mystic know on the door handle for the year 2016. At first I thought I would interpret too much into it, but all this cannot be coincidence! The good intentions put into protective ornaments, amulets and so forth really has amazing power – if you believe in it, just make sure you buy it from a good, honest source who produced it with the best intentions. This is another aspect Feng Shui practitioners and masters actually tap into.


Flying Star Feng Shui Update – 4 Feb 2017 – 5 March 2017

In each of the 9 grids, you find 2 numbers. The larger, black number indicates the annual star and the smaller, red number indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine your directions or locations; then refer to the flying star chart for the monthly forecast. So, if your front door (the one everybody in the house uses) is located for example in the south sector, then refer to the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. But for now, I want to focus on the 7-star in SW and SE.

The 7-star is metal energy and flies into SW this year. SW is the love sector, represents the mother of the family and is a sector of earth energy. So what does the 7-star cause here?

Well, the water energy mixing with the earthly energy causes trouble in your relationship and mixed with the 5-star causes also illness. You might become a victim of betrayal, robbery and violence of some kind (maybe your business partner steals your idea and takes off with it).

According to the 5 element cycle we are applying in Feng Shui, the best remedy is placement of water. Water can be represented by the colour blue as well as physical water and/or wavy, curved patterns. Grandmaster Lillian Too uses a blue rhino to suppress the energies. Why a rhino? It’s is one of the Big 5 animals and has a lot of strength to protect you. Place it facing the entrance of the room. But any other blue coloured decor items are just as good as long as you place it with the right intention – to protect you and this sector from the negative impact of the 7-star. Make also sure to remove crystal or ceramic items and put them in a closed cupboard for the year. For personal protection, wear blue clothes or carry a blue talisman in your bag, wallet or pocket.

In SE the 7-star is effecting our wealth sector and the oldest daughter of a household; luckily only for this upcoming months (4 Feb – 4 March). Implement the same remedies as in SW and watch out for the next monthly update to make sure you keep tapping into the right energies and stay in the flow!

In case you need help to implement this recommendation, place your question below or schedule a free 30-minutes intake with me to discuss how I can help you.