New Year – New opportunities – New resolutions

It’s the first week of the New Year and you are thinking of your New Years resolution. Whatever your resolution is, it is difficult to stick to a plan. In this blog I am giving you some tips to help you implement your resolution successfully this year!

Whether you want to loose weight, stop smoking, exercise more often, start meditating, sort out your finances or de-clutter and renovate your home, it is difficult to bring your resolution to life!

Most likely you take the first necessary steps, follow through for a few days or even weeks and then fall back into your old habit making up a bunch of excuses for the failure. We all have experienced it, right? But why does this happen? And what can you do to succeed this time?

The big why

Whatever habit you want to change, think about the trigger behind this habit. Do you want to stop smoking for example, then ask yourself why you started smoking in the first place and what triggers to continue.

Once you discovered your WHY, you can start working on the cause of the habit and eliminate old patterns that do not serve you much easier and more successful.

Synchronise with the annual cycle of nature

Another reason why it is so difficult to change habits is that many people do not work with the natural flow of our nature. It’s like swimming against a stream, it takes much more effort to reach the goal!

The annual cycle of nature makes time in fall and winter to let go of unwanted behaviour, people and happenings while spring and summer is the time to plant and harvest the fruits of all hard work. Make use of this annual cycle to get closer to your goal.

Make use of the 4 weeks moon cycle

During a moon cycle you can energetically run through a complete year. This 4 week cycle is suited to change and let go of old habits and therefore is a great chance to get rid of unwanted lifestyle throughout the whole year.

  • Full moon: Evaluate yourself in a neutral manner

Take time to follow your emotions, feel what is good or bad for you, what you can let go and what you need to add to make your life better.

  • 1st week (full moon to waning moon): Letting go

Identify the things you want to let go and what caused them appear in your life.

  • 2nd week (waning moon to dark moon): identify the cause.

Take time to identify the deep cause of your problem, the behaviour or situation you want to change.

  • Dark moon: Breaking the habit

You are now fully aware of the cause and effect and can actively eliminate the blockage. Write it on a piece of paper and burn it! Fire is transforming and therefore the burning of your old pattern is a powerful ritual.

  • 3rd week (dark moon to waxing moon): Emptiness

During this week you might feel uncomfortable and empty. Your old pattern is gone but not replaced by a new, better one yet. You are trying to find ways to fill the gap without falling back into the old habit.

  • 4th week (waxing to full moon): New life

You feel a new pattern developing and filling the void. You feel fulfilled and excited about this turning point.

Feng Shui works the same way. It puts you in the flow with the natural cycle of and aligns your manmade environment with the cosmic energies so that life becomes easier and you do not need to swim against the stream! Going with the flow makes it easier to reach our goals, be healthy, happy and successful in relationships and career.

With Chinese New Year, the annual cycle of the cosmic energy shift is completed and to take full advantage of the new set of energies, it is best to prepare your home or office before 4 February.

Join my 2018 Feng Shui update on 28 January at Centrum De Roos in Amsterdam for a complete update or request your personal consultation.

How do you ensure successful implementation of your resolutions? Whether it be at the beginning of the year or not, share your secret tips in the comments below!