Nature holds messages and supports a mindful lifestyle. Spending time outdoors, paying attention to our surrounding helps us not only with grounding, but also helps finding answers and purpose.

July is about reconnecting, finding our place in society and re-aligning our activities. The oak as well and the wren can give guidance during meditations in nature.


Old cultures, like the Celtic, used this period to gather around an old oak tree to exchange and brainstorm how to make communities better. Oakes, also called the king of the trees, are messengers of the higher spirits and therefore help us to connect with our conscious self. They offer protection and support during decision making processes.

Take the time to visit an old oak in your neighbourhood, sit down and meditate under the tree. Ask your questions and be open to receive answers.



Also the wren is guarding the mental development this month. The wren is the king of the birds and teaches us that we do not need to be loud, bold and impressive to be recognized. It shows us to live in harmony with our surroundings and community, to use our gifts and talents (and those of others) to excel and speak up at the right moments; allowing also others to be heard and recognized.


Meditation: use the picture of a wren and ask for help connecting with your higher self. Be open to receive a message geared to help you find your place in society.

Try these meditations and share a picture of your favourite oak or the wren you might see this month.

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