Finding the right path intuitively

Since I left my secure job I felt guilty. Guilty for not doing enough for my business, not producing the content I have in my head, but after some time, without the daily run for deadlines, I realized that I first needed to recover, learn to listen to my body, heal and trust my intuition. Taking time for myself was something completely foreign to me, even though I know it is really essential for anybody who wants to find and follow its passion. So, I decided to take time for myself and started my self-care programme.

Connecting with body and nature for a stronger mindset

Instead of pushing myself into the gym, I joined a powerwalking class as I wanted to connect not only with my body, but also with nature while spending time with a pleasant group of people. Merel Groeneveld helped me to start enjoying this process and after just a few weeks I even decided to start running and train for a 5K run. Not only for the sake of running and becoming fitter, but especially for my mindset, persistency and proving myself that I can pull it off even though it seems almost impossible.

Fighting limiting beliefs, not listening to the evil voice whispering in my ear, saying that I am not good enough and not worthy to fulfil my dreams is really not easy. I was completely aware of the fact, but how to stop it and transform it into something positive? Just like magic, solutions crossed my way on social media. I have participated in a few challenges to help me noticing what it exactly is that holds me back. I just want to name one of them here: Sara Bobkoff’s ‘Changing the narratives’ challenge was a great starting point and I am so grateful for her persistence in digging deeper to make me realize my blockage. With just a few questions she nailed it!

Trust, believe and intuition

I started to believe that the universe holds the answers to my desires, if I only pay attention, trust and learn to imagine, visualise and ask for it very precisely. But exactly that became my next challenge: How to find out what exactly I wanted, what I should be asking for? I did not even know for myself and despite all logic and analytical skills I have, the reputation to be very focussed and deliver great stuff in time, everything I started for my own business ended unfinished in my project files. Unfinished! Yes, that started to be my narrative; simply because nothing felt just right. Until I opened Facebook one evening, and the first thing I saw was a post about a 12-week intuition course. And not only that, it started already the next week, right in my neighbourhood and was run by a lady I had met before! I only thought “that’s no coincidence! This is meant for me!” and signed up immediately.

Now, three months later, I am holding the certificate from the course. I have learned so much; not only about myself, but also how I can help others with more ease. Listening to my intuition, taking my gut feeling seriously and act upon it was lost in the daily noise of emails, social media, daily tasks and deadlines for family and my job. It has not been an easy path! We worked on all our chakra’s, meditated, channelled and practiced to listen to our intuition by feeling each others chakra’s, reading paintings, photos, objects and cards. It has been an amazing and rewarding, even if sometimes painful, journey. My gratitude goes to Jeantille Spruijt for leading me and the other participants through this process with all her heart and her amazing expertise.

Have the courage to follow your heart

But why am I telling you all this? Why do I tell you about my struggles and failures? Because I believe they all make me stronger and better and I want to inspire you to have the courage and follow your heart, train your instincts, as this is something we all have forgotten in this hectic world. Stay connected to yourself, listen and learn to trust! This will not only make you happier, but also more successful; and besides that, your happiness will spread and make this world a much better place!

Personally, I will take my new insights and skills and implement them in future workshops, but also in my advices, readings and healings. Yes, I am planning to combine chakra healings with advice for spatial arrangements. It might sound crazy, and I am actually not aware of anybody doing that, but it seems logic to me! You might know that every chakra has a different colour. Those colours represent a certain Feng Shui element and to stimulate and open a chakra it helps to surround yourself (temporarily) with the applicable colour. Using colour in home décor has an impact on the energy level and how we feel within the space. And this is where Feng Shui comes into the picture! I have always been looking for the bigger picture and will continue to do so. For now, I am exploring and trust my intuition to lead me into the light so that I am able to help you better!

Check the events page for upcoming workshops or connect on Facebook to keep up-to-date on my activities!

P.S.: Maybe I should mention that I am not in any way affiliated with any of my coaches.
I name them here because I deeply appreciate what they are doing and how it helped me on my path!