September, second month of harvest season, last chance to take corrective measures and increase your impact and results for this year! Time to look back, evaluate and celebrate successes while being melancholic and thankful for the past. Saying farewell to old habits, friends and activities that do not suit us anymore is also part of the re-alignment. In this blog I will give you tips to help you in the process by aligning and tapping into the energy of nature!

Winter is coming

Even though September might still have pleasant, sunny days, temperatures are dropping and nights are getting longer.  We can feel that winter is coming! No, I am not talking about John Snow and his folks fearing the walking dead, but about nature and our own goals for growth – personal or in business!

We could already harvest the first fruits of our efforts last month, but there is more to come the upcoming two months. The better the harvest, the easier we get through the winter, right?  So, be honest to yourself, are you having a good harvest? Is it going to be enough to build that comfortable cushion you were seeking to have at the end of the year? Are you going to reach your goals of the year? Did you do all the things you wanted to do? No?

All questions let us evaluate the results of our personal efforts of the past months. While we are often reminded not to judge other people, it’s healthy to check our own approach, behaviour and conscious and unconscious actions.

“Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be!”

There are many ways to do that of course and whether you choose journaling, meditating or exchanging with trusted friends or colleagues, there is no right or wrong! To give you another approach – all in-line with the natural forces – let me introduce this month’s nature guide!


The Hazelnut Tree

This bush-like tree is giving direction and can help you to get closer to your inner flow. Literally, by showing you the water vanes of life and symbolically by giving you the gifts you need to get closer to your inner source. That way it gives you authority over your own life.

A hazelnut tree grows up to 6m high and carries the first fruit after nine (9) year. The auspicious number nine is associated with inspiration, especially for those working in or with music, poetry, arts and science. There is a strong connection to communication too. The hazelnut will help you to access your conscious self and to find the voice to express yourself. Just like the hazelnut in full bloom, you are the most beautiful when you dare showing your bare and fragile self – without hiding behind walls.

The hazelnut is so sensitive to water and mineral resources hidden in the ground, that her branches are used as dowsing rods. Did you know that?

How to tap into the wisdom of the hazelnut?

Visit a hazelnut in your neighbourhood, sit down and meditate next to the bush. Ask your questions, feel and listen to the thoughts, pictures or inner voices to capture its message. Take a notebook and write down what came to mind.
You can also take a branch home and repeat the exercise for several days to make a deep connection. But please only collect what you find lying underneath the tree!

The messages and insights you get from this meditative exercise will help you taking the next, aligned steps to grow your very own harvest this year. Whether it is for your own personal development or growth strategy of your business, just listen! Follow your intuition to find your very own way to increase your harvest this year!


The salmon

This fish is, according to various legends, the oldest animal and carries a lot of wisdom and knowledge. The salmon knows how to swim against the stream effortlessly to reach his goal. The fish takes you back to the source of your inner wisdom and helps you to be patient and persistent, sharpens your intuition and communications.

Connect during mediation with the salmon. Do this five days in row and ask for its message. Which pattern do you need to break through on your way to inner growth? Write a journal during these days, review the messages at the end and use it to formulate your next steps and communications.


This is such a beautiful message that I have to stand still myself as I am writing it! I will certainly visit a hazelnut tree and meditate to the picture of a salmon this month to reflect, get input and align with the cycle of nature. You too?

Share your thoughts , questions or break throughs in the comments below to inspire also others! Please also share this article with people in your network if you believe they could benefit from it!

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