While July was the time to reflect and adjust activities, we are now in a state of joy and relaxation. Our body and mind needs a break from constant challenges and changes, time to stand still, enjoy, be satisfied and grateful for all you have received, created and accomplished before taking the next steps to move forward. The cosmic energies of this August also support your next steps! So, combine these two aspects and you’ll be able to go and grow with the flow this month!

But why is it so important to be content and satisfied?

You probably have heard about exercises to practice daily gratitude as well. Only when we are grateful for even the small things in life – all the things we take for granted – we can enjoy them. But gratitude is much more than just opening the door to joy, it also enables us to uplift our own energy, to focus, realign and attract (more) success and wealth. Spending time in nature, use of visualisations can help us to move forward. But for now, August focusses on gratitude as a basis before taking next steps.

Tap into the energy of the holly and/or the snake to get clear on your questions, feel pride and satisfaction with yourself and all you have accomplished in life so far.

The Holly

It seems a bit weird that the holly is this month ‘s tree as we associate this plant with the Christmas season! But the holly has also a different symbolic meaning as its wood was used in old times to make spears.

Holly shows you therefore how you can be the strongest in a fight; the bush brings direction, balance, hope and self-esteem.

Often this bush grows right next to an oak or beech.

In combination with the beech it is symbol for communication and its importance for your self-esteem. Claim who you are and what you stand for!


Next to an oak, the holly symbolizes the conscience and is the link between you and your conscience mind. Visit a holly in your neighbourhood, sit down and meditate next to the bush. Ask your questions and be open to receive answers.

The snake

Snakes have been worshipped in many cultures for three main characteristics:

  1. The flexibility of their body which enables their wavy movement is in many religions associated with the Kundalini energy; the strong life force which flows through our chakra’s. It is the warming but also the destroying aspect of the element fire we can find here.
  2. The peeling of their skin symbolizes renewal, rejuvenation and new life.
  3. The poison of the snake which is used in medicines shows again the connection between life and death and the eternal cycle of nature.


The snake, especially the adder, is for all these reasons worshipped as symbol for transformation and sexual energy. This animal teaches yes to accept who we are!

Meditation: Connect with the snake and feel how the life energy flows through your body.  Feel the warmth from this inner flow and ask the snake what she can do support your personal transformation. What do you need to do to accept yourself?


Curious to hear how you experience these help of the visualisations. Share it with us or post your questions too.

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