Do you have difficulties following through with goals? You are not alone!

So many women set goals, make plans and dare to dream big at the end of each year promising themselves to keep it up this time. Whether it is fitness or weight loss, a promotion, career or business change, finishing the studies you started long time ago, paying back a loan or painting the house…. often we start of great, then due to circumstances we get side tracked and even give up. Why? What are the reasons? How can we change or prevent it?

Some of the reasons I found are…

Wanting to do too much in too little time

It’s so easy to get frustrated having too many things on your plate. How to deal with it all at once? Overwhelming!
Try to cut it down into small junks. Every small step brings you closer to your goal and oh it feels so good when you can tick it off on your to-do list.

Doing it all alone

I am often enough guilty of this myself, but let’s face it, nobody is perfect! We all have our strengths and weaknesses and together we are stronger! Asking for help from a friend or expert is really no shame and often gives us a push to stay focussed on the goal. Accountability is a driver for many of us to get things done! Identify some helpful and knowledgeable people in your network and then dare to ask for help. You will be surprised how much love and support you will get!

Feeling off

Having no motivation to actually working on a goal often is linked to your gut feeing that it’s just not right. You cannot explain why, but your gut feeling tells you that this goal is not what you really want; maybe not at this very moment at least. Imagine you could consciously define and plan when and what action to take to realise your dream, ensuring the highest impact instead of fighting hard for it. Too good to be true? I understand your scepticism and have some facts for you:

Goal setting is mostly approached with logic thinking rather than listening to our body and inner voice to tell us what we really want. As a result, we tend to set goals that do not align or resonate with our personal nor with the universal energies.

Heart over Head

I just learned from a colleague a few amazing figures on how we humans function and hope you love statistics as much as I do. Here it comes 😉

  • We are using daily only 10% of our brain’s potential; mostly using the left, analytical side of it.
  • 50% of us take decisions and set goals based on pure logic while our actions (realising them) are for 92% based on emotions.
  • Emotions come from the heart, right? Hear this: The magnetic field of the heart is 5000 times greater than that of the brain and extends even outside the body where it then (re)connects with our own body, the environment and the universal energies.

Wow, no wonder that following the heart is so impactful! And this also explains why we do not reach some of the goals we are setting! We miss the alignment! With our own emotions, with the surrounding and the universal energies!

We want to change that and help you succeed! 
I teamed up with my dear friend and colleague Carmen Kollmann ( and designed a workshop to help you evaluate and (re)set your goals using proven, logic methods and connecting them to your heart centre and the universal energies! This includes meditation, visualisation and personal insights based on metaphysics! Aligning your goals to make them more feasible! Are you in for a successful year? Are you joining us? Click Reserve your spot before the price goes up! If you cannot join personally, but know anyone who might be interested, please help me to spread the love and send this invitation on to your contact.

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