Staying vital during times of crisis is essential! That 2020 is a challenging year with regards to health was predictable, but who could have thought of a pandemic as we experience it right now? With this blog I do not want to focus on the COVID-19 virus itself; after all, I am really not a doctor. However, there are energetic settings that influence our overall health and wellbeing and some adjustments to your environment, mindset and activities might give you that extra boost you need to stay vital and positive. Just look at it as an extra layer of healing.

Talking about health and vitality, we Metaphysics Experts are looking especially at two energies (which we call ‘stars’ in Feng Shui) when analysing the impact of a space. Their location determines the strength and impact on wellbeing and are in motion constantly. The energy is changing not only annually, but also monthly, daily and even throughout the day. That’s one of the reasons we feel emotionally, mentally and physically good one day and less good another day. However, most important is the annual energy as it remains a constant influence for several months at a time.

Identifying the troublemakers

When illness suddenly hits us, we can usually link it to the illness star. In 2020 the illness energy of the 2-star, element earth, manifested in South where it is even strengthened by the fire of the South. This combination is very powerful and creates health issues especially for people living in a home with the front door or bedroom in South.

South is also extravert, yang energy and represents passion, connection and reputation. Just think about it, our reputation is result of all the things we do and show to the outside world and with the illness energy in this area, it hurts these activities. If it was not for all the disruptive IT developments of the past years, we would be completely disconnected and not able to communicate widely during this global crisis. It is thanks to technology, that we can cope by using other channels than face-to-face meetings and events but facilitate video conferencing and social media to continue doing what we are doing and keep up the external connection that builds our reputation. Do you see the connection?

But let’s look at the second health influencer, the 5-star:
The health sector in East is afflicted by the 5-star this year and brings losses; in 2020 especially loss of good health. The earth energy of the 5-star is in this case controlled by the wood energy of the East. That’s good news as the 5 is therefore weakened and cannot develop its full strength unless fire is added in the East.

Controlling health weakening Chi in your home

Working with the 5- element cycle, also used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) applications, we can influence the energies of our home and work environment to our advantage. This is not a guarantee for not getting sick, but it is definitely weakening the negative Chi that impacts you daily – especially now, that you and your family are also working and studying from home for several weeks.

Here what you can do to optimize the influence of your environmental and personal energy for health support. Let’s start with some basics:


The easiest way to ensure nurturing energy in your home is to air the rooms regularly. Simply open the windows to allow fresh air to enter. Also sleep with open window, especially if you share the bedroom with your partner or in shared kids’ rooms.

Additionally, burn some incense or white sage every now and then. It reduces bacteria in the air and also cleanses the aura of every person. If you feel down, lost in negative thoughts and emotions, burn some sage and direct the smoke around your body. You will instantly feel lighter.


      The strength of the illness star in the South, as explained above, can be weakened by introducing metal into the sector. In the light of space cleansing, you can use the sound of metal instruments, windchimes with metal rods or singing bowls to mallow the energy. The sound of metal is instantly removing negativity and has healing effect. If you are using an instrument like singing bowl, gong, handpan or bell, walk three times in clock-wise direction through the room while playing your instrument. Tip: you can even use the lit of a metal pot and a spoon if you have no metal instrument or windchime.Alternatively place heavy metal objects in this area. These can be decorative items of your choice. Think of sculptures, metal vases or a collection of coins. Be practical and use what you have in house as long as it’s rather heavy by nature, it does the job. I am even using body building weights invisibly under my furniture to manipulate the Chi accordingly.


      The color WHITE is associated with the element metal. It’s the purest and most powerful color as it consists of all the seven colors of the rainbow and our chakras. White has healing powers and is therefore chosen by doctors, healers and yogis for clothing. It stands for purity, the higher consciousness, power and of course innocence. Maybe you heard of the light bars in Scandinavia where guests are wrapped in white sheets to counter the affect of the dark season and strengthen the immune system too? Considering the strength of white, it seems a good alternative to add white coloured elements or decorations if you lack metal objects for the South sector of your home in 2020.

GREEN is not only associated with healthy food, nutrition and sustainability, but also with the element wood. Wood is alive, growing and expanding and therefore represents our life essence, movement and vitality. To strengthen this aspect, your vitality, add wood element not only to your diet, but also to your surroundings.

It’s easy enough to place fresh flowers, nice green plants or heavy wooden furniture or decorative items in the house. To get the best health support, place them in the East to further weaken the 5-star. And please, remove any candles or other fire elements in East to avoid activating the loss energy by accident.


Feng Shui is not only placement of objects according to the 5 elements, to make it work powerfully it also requires a Feng Shui Lifestyle. What I mean by that? To make things happen, you need to take action too! Implementing cures and enhancers is one thing, but you still need to get into motion. During this crisis we are all forced to work from home and have automatically less movement as there is no commute to work. It is a great time to set up new routines to support your health. Here some ideas:

      • Take a walk daily – either to take a break from work or to start the day
      • Follow YouTube videos to exercise.
      • Take the bike to do your shopping or walk to the stores. Leave the car at home!
      • Check your diet. It is just so easy to grab the chocolate to comfort fear and anxiety, but it does not last. Healthy food is nurturing and strengthening and makes us happier on the long run!

We have 60.000+ thoughts per day and the majority of them is forming a repetitive loop. Negative thoughts take much more energy than positive thoughts. During the season of flu and this coronavirus, I certainly want to make sure that my body has enough energy to fight any bug coming along my way. Don’t you? Try to eliminate fear and anxiety from your loop of thoughts to stay as energetic as possible and your immune system will thank you!

Difficulties to stop dwelling on the uncertainties and fears?

The most powerful emotion to counter fear is gratitude. A simple exercise can shift your focus and help you to be more positive:
Review your day and make a list of all the (small) things you are grateful for before going to bed. It might be the flowers you saw when walking to the stores that put a smile on your face or the time you could spend with your children. It does not matter how big or small, write it all down. You will realise that there is so much good happening while we are in crisis mode.

Growing together

Even though people are stacking up on food and toilet paper in their panic, there is a lot of care and love for each other too. Neighbours that check on each other after months of no contact, entrepreneurs sharing ideas how to stay in business, groups of people praying, meditating and healing together.  I look at it as a time to review the way we live and take it as an opportunity to implement changes for a better future.

Collective healing

A lot of people are also starting to pray, practice meditation and look for places to heal their fears with guidance or with the support of a group.
There are plenty of apps like Calm, Headspace, Insight Timer but also YouTube videos for meditation and healing, but I also invite you to follow me on Facebook for announcements of collective healing sessions multiple times a week.

Together with my group of shamanic healers we collectively go into healing at the same time – each individually. Following our rituals independently we are raising the vibrations for more positivity amongst us, healing of the virus and our planet. If you, personally need an energy boost, calm your anxiety and want to heal, send me a message and I add you into my healing circle. It’s entirely free!
If you are a healer, reiki master or other energy healer, join the collective healing sessions following your own routine too!

Send me a message or schedule a heart-to-heart call right here  and also review my offer for distance healings and visual coaching. Stay healthy and spread love until we meet (again) soon!