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Home Buying Assessment

Aligning your Space

Chakra Healing Crystals_Guide by Britta van Arman

Energising Body & Space

Buying a Home is probably one of the biggest investments on your life!

Whether you are going to live in the city or in the country side, the environment influences not only our lifestyle, but also our state of mind, health, relationships, career and financial flow. Do you want to make sure you invest in a property that supports you in creating the life of your dreams? A life full of abundance and happiness?

Then you should assess the homes on your shortlist to ensure you are buying a home with the potential to support you on your life journey. There is no perfect building, but knowing what kind of features, structures and elements to avoid is the first step towards a healthy and happy home environment.

In my free ebook “How to buy a home for abundant living” I give you tips for your assessment; no Feng Shui knowledge or calculations required.  Request your copy today!

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The home environment plays a crucial role in our lives; especially as we spend more time at home since the COVID-19 pandemic!

Every environment and building has its own energetic frequency. The response of our bodies to these frequencies defines how we feel, interact and perform and therefore impacts the outcome of everything we do and experience in life for more than 30%. This can effect your health, relationships, career or family. If the flow of energy, the Chi, is stuck in your home, so are you!

Do you want to ensure that the energetic imprint of your home influences you positively? That you are feeling energised and nurtured physically and mentally? So that you and your family members can perform and interact successfully in personal and professional life?

Then this ebook helps you to review and amend your home settings to support you, your tasks and your goals. Discover and your personal power spots and make use of them to experience more flow and ease. Request my free ebook “Make your home your sanctuary” with tips and insights around aligned living and working.

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Harmonising your body & home with crystals

Crystals can be used to balance the energy system of the body, but having them in the home or office environment is just as beneficial.
If you feel constantly stressed, experience sleeping problems or emotional/physical in-balances choose a crystal for soothing you and your environment!

I compiled an overview of crystals and their affect on the seven chakras (the energy centers along our spine). Use this guide to choose amongst the most commonly used healing stones, wear them on your body, carry them in your pocket or place them in your environment to create spaces with healing frequencies. While some crystals clear negativity or reduce radiation from wi-fi and electronics, others are known for their protective energy. Placing large crystal rocks in the garden nurtures not only your plants but puts your property into an energy grid that attracts positivity and more wildlife. Various experiments have also shown the power of crystals to detoxify the soil of entire properties.

Start exploring with crystals and download my free guide “Chakra Healing Crystals” to enhance your wellbeing!

Chakra Healing Crystals_Guide by Britta van Arman
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