Getting into Christmas spirit with a spinning head?

The joy of Christmas is often overshadowed by the stress of planning the upcoming year. Especially this year, the energies play this trick with us. As we finally feel alive and joyful, able to move forward again, we also feel something holding us back. In this update I explain why and give tips to get you through the month with more ease.

After a month of struggle a new energy comes into play and triggers the Christmas spirit – yeah! It’s been crazy in the garden centers this weekend with all these people getting Christmas trees with a big smile (or nervous laughter).  Smell of Gluehwein and baked good stimulate feelings of warmth and generosity. Finally we feel relieved, light and alive again! Supported by yang fire energy this month will be playing out very nicely and we are facing relaxed festivities with our loved ones. But while everything appears festive and relaxes, there is the underlying energy of the rat which is not slowing down. Its mind keeps wandering and working secretly on new visions, projects and goals. Isn’t that the perfect time to finalise your planning 2020? Let’s look at both sides of the coin!

Is my Christmas Feng Shui good?

I have been reviewing this myself for a long time and came to the conclusion that there is no special direction or area in the home that is better than others. Bringing a tree into the house is of course a huge energy shifter, but it’s placement would depend on the element is represents. The tree itself represents wood but with the lights we are adding fire energy to it. The next step is adding decorations, usually round shaped they represent metal, the holder or planting pot is filled with water with or without soil (earth) and voila – all five elements are present. Oh, your pot is only holding water? Add some wrapped gifts in square boxes to represent earth. As the Christmas tree now represents all five elements, it can go anywhere you like!

Consider is the flow of energy

Choose a spot where the tree is not blocking your path and access to things or cabinets you might need. Also consider choosing a tree with roots so you can plant it outside after the festivities. Adds to your karma points ;-). We adopted a tree for the season and return it in January to be planted back outside with other trees and then get it back next Christmas again.

Planning ahead for 2020

Most people think that it is enough to empower their plans by tapping into meditation and visualization, but are you aware that this is only part of the recipe to make the Law of Attraction work?

Our reality is what we create ourselves, but our luck along the way relies on three aspects:

  1. Heaven Luck -> Your soul purpose
  2. Human Luck -> Your thoughts, emotions and actions
  3. Earth Luck     -> Your environment

Each aspect influences the results of our lives for 33.3% and there are many approaches to work on all these aspects too. We can try to better understand ourselves and our purpose for being here on earth and we can clearly influence and control our behavior, thinking patterns, activities and our environment. In my practice I can help you on all three levels, but let’s start with your environment to help you on the way to a successful 2020 planning now. Planning out those business and personal goals, you surely want to find the perfect spot to gain inspiration and put them into concrete plans, right?

Where to spend your time this month

The sketch below shows the impact of the monthly energies. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars. Their combination defines the energetical impact. Take out your compass (on your smartphone for example), divide your entire home/office or a single room according to the grid and compass directions to define where to best spend your time this December!

Feng Shui Energy Map December 2019

Personally, I like the East and Northeast this month. While Northeast gives the right energetic support for laying out the foundation for your future endeavors, East is helping to generate income from the practical solutions you are offering to help your clients, your team members or clients of your employer. Maybe the best areas to keep your head from spinning as you are here in the right spot to put things onto paper and plan it out?

If you are more interested in socializing, check out the Southeast. Spending time in Southeast will attract many people into your life on professional as well as personal level. If you are in a relationship, it might be a challenge to withstand the seduction of an affair; so be mindful!

You clearly want to stay out of South and Southwest this month. If your front door of bedroom is located in any of these directions, you most likely experience financial challenges affecting your reputation (think of outstanding taxes for example) and health problems related to digestive system. Is your kitchen, bathroom, launderette, storage located in these areas? Perfect as the energies will then be absorbed and drained before reaching you.

Is December a good month for everybody?

No, of course not. Life is a rollercoaster with ups and downs and also this month there are some people that are affected negatively. The horse, goat, rabbit or rooster have some challenges to face; whether it is upcoming change, overcoming of bad habits, being overworked or facing a conflict or danger; always look at the message and the opportunity behind the challenge to make the best out of the given situation and move on! If you are surrounded by any troubled people how about giving them a helping hand or a big hug to spread some love during this season?!

Take advantage of the vibe

So, if you missed last months’ workshop “Goal setting & Synchronicity” for your personal preparations 2020, contact me for your personal sessions for review of your personal Life Map and plan out your year ahead! Plan your free discovery call right here:

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