Relationships are the key to our happiness. Find out how your home influences them and follow these tips to attract love

After the last bedroom related blog focused mostly on the health aspect it supports, I want to dedicate this month to the impact on relationships. While you might see a connection between your home and the relationship with the family members living there, it might sound strange to you that it also impacts relationships at work or even the chances to find a partner, right?

But be assured, it really does! As we are spending approx. one third of our life sleeping, the energy of the location, the structure, the set up and the design really influences how we feel, interact and therefore attract others.

Many women (and men of course too) are struggling in their relationship, are single (mothers) and have difficulties engaging with a new partner

I can think of many reasons and heard also about many approaches to finding a partner. Clients and friends have read self-help books, went to workshops, dating events and signed up on dating sites and apps. All this is great and absolutely helpful, but besides the right mindset and clear intentions, there is one more important aspect almost nobody is thinking about: The influence of our homes; our sacred space!

What does it take to create a sacred space that attracts love and creates harmonic relationships?

Before I reveal my tips, I want you to become aware of your home and its impact. Just start looking around consciously and note every little detail. Approach your home from the outside and look at it as if it was the first time. What do you see? How does it make you feel? Take notes of the things that catch your eye and emotions.

Pay attention to the flow of energy. Once you enter your home, can it meander freely throughout your entire space? Or are there obstacles that bloc it? Is there a lot of clutter or is your home simply full with your belongings even if they are stored nicely? Are there slanted ceilings, sharp corners or beams pointing at you when you sit on the couch, the dining table or lie in your bed?

How does that all influence on your relationships?

Try to interpret your findings:

  • Clutter for example lead to a scattered mind, unclear communications and misunderstandings. Isn’t that the beginning of all relationship problems?
  • Sharp edges pointing at your body trigger your temper as you are constantly feeling attacked (and they also create health problems). You unconsciously go into defence mode and become aggressive. Not good for harmony is it?
  • Full shelves and wardrobes indicate that there is no space for another person’s belongings nor another person; at least not for the long run. You might find yourself in relations that end before they really start.

But besides sharp edges (also called ‘poison arrows’) and the location of your bed (as well as the desk) in control position as explained in my previous blog, and before thinking of beautiful bed sheets and love attractors, there are 3 more essential aspects to review.

Assess these 3 areas to understand your relationships

  • The footprint of your home
  • The location of bathrooms
  • The front door

The foot print and overall shape of a home defines the strength of each life aspect.

If you are somewhat interested in Feng Shui, you probably looked at a BaGua before; that is the general map of life palaces (recognition, love, friends, support & travel, career, education, health, wealth) and their distribution around the compass.

If the footprint of your building or apartment is irregular like an L-shape or triangle, some of the life aspects are underrepresented. This impacts on your relationships to family, friends, partner and even money and career; depending on the affected area.

Some time ago I shared a client story where the L-shape of the apartment and a blockage in the entrance almost lead to a break-up. Read it here to find out how I fixed it.

Furthermore, the bathroom with its multiple water drains is exhausting the energy of the represented area. For example, Southwest is the love palace and if this is where your bathroom is located; you most likely face challenges finding or maintaining a love relationship; additionally the connection with your mother might be affected.

Applying the BaGua onto your own floorplan (stretch it out all over your plan), you can discover where each life palace is located. Check my e-book where I explain how to apply the BaGua as a 9-grid to your home.

So far so good! But what about the front door?

In Feng Shui we call the front door ‘chi mouth’. This is where the energy enters the space just like food (also energy) enters and nurtures our body. There are multiple things to look out for; the appearance and its location.

You really want to make sure that the front door and entrance area is in use, clean, well lit, clutter-free and freshly decorated. You should certainly remove christmas decoration before the start of spring and replace dead plants! Also, its location plays a rule. Accessing the home, you always activate the corresponding life aspect.

Focus on the things you can control

Again, these are a few basics you can review and apply yourself without any Feng Shui knowledge and calculations. Please don’t freak out if any of the above scenarios applies to your situation. Focus on the things you can do instead of getting hooked up with the things you cannot change and get started. If things then start turning around, it requires a deeper analysis to get your Feng Shui right (looking at the flying stars etc.) to improve your relationships! I am happy to help. Schedule your free call to have a chat and find out if we are a match!

Share your findings with us too, so that we can all learn and support each other!

Love & Light,