How to create a bedroom for more vitality and happiness

Whenever I enter a home people ask “Has my home good Feng Shui? What do I need to look out for or what can I do to make it better?” Often enough there is nothing visibly wrong with the home while it might still create problems effecting health, relationships, career and financial flow. Then it [...]

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Energetic blockages cause relationship problems – a real story

Dear D., You found me via Google and sent an email to make a call appointment as you were looking for a solution to fix your relationship problems. Within a week I had a conversation and you told me that you had moved a while ago, into an apartment that was completely rebuilt and furnished. [...]

Energetic blockages cause relationship problems – a real story2017-12-18T10:33:51+01:00

Your home exterior – Furniture, decoration & light

As the holiday season is starting Part 2 of my home exterior blog is focussing on how to make it really nice outside so that you can enjoy BBQ and playtime during these few summer weeks. But stop, before you start decorating, look at the set up and use of space. Review the positioning of your [...]

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Your home exterior – Key to new opportunities

It feels almost too late, but considering the Dutch weather, it is still the perfect time to take care of the outside of the house, the entrance and garden. And that’s exactly what I did last weekend myself! But why is it so important (and exciting at the same time) to fix up the outside? [...]

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8 Home Selling Tips (free home staging advice)

Of course every homeowner wants to make the best possible deal when selling his/her home, but how can that be accomplished? Home staging is the answer: with just some rather small investments on maintenance the value of a house can be increased enormously. The return of this investment is obvious as it [...]

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Do you want to buy a new home? Tips for your search

If you are searching for a new home, whether it is an apartment or a house, or you simply want to check if your current home has the right settings for a harmonious life, follow these simple tips to evaluate the buildings’ potential for a happy and healthy life. The examination of a home starts [...]

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New Years Resolutions – Get support

The year change is always the time for resolutions. From healthy eating, sporting to reaching career goals while making more time for yourself, family and friends – but how can you make sure to really pull it off this time? Well, first of course you need to think of the practical approach on how to reach your goal and make [...]

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Twinkling Lights for success

It’s the season of twinkling lights in trees, homes and businesses. Besides bringing good fortune, lights are also excellent enhancers of business success as they help drawing visitors into the business; especially restaurants, bars and retail stores. Everyone loves the magical affect of those lights during the dark winter months. […]

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Working from home? How to keep the work-life balance

Working at home has many benefits, but also holds challenges as you need to learn setting boundaries and end work. Feng Shui is about balance and you need to make sure to keep the work-life balance to ensure quality time for yourself, with our family and friends. One of the benefits of working from home [...]

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CREATE POSITIVE ENERGY TO ATTRACT OPPORTUNITIES Spending one third of our life in the office, it is extremely important to have a harmonious environment. Applying some Feng Shui rules helps increasing team productivity! Harmony at the workplace reduces office politics and sick days, increases focus and personal achievements, which leads to better team performance and contributes [...]

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