How to face the challenges of remote working in the COVID-19 era

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Remote work has become more challenging and requires a fresh look as most of the corporate workforce has moved to home offices on a full-time basis. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 70% of people globally worked remotely at least once a week. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic struck most of the corporate workforce has moved to [...]

Staying vital during times of crisis

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Staying vital during times of crisis is essential! That 2020 is a challenging year with regards to health was predictable, but who could have thought of a pandemic as we experience it right now? With this blog I do not want to focus on the COVID-19 virus itself; after all, I am really not [...]

How to find inspiration

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It’s a good time now to put ideas into action, communicate and carry them out into the world. The yang metal horse energy of the month is helping to spread the word fast. But... do you have the right ideas to profit from the horse energy? How to find inspiration? Find my 4 tips to [...]

Difficulties following through with your goals?

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Do you have difficulties following through with goals? You are not alone! So many women set goals, make plans and dare to dream big at the end of each year promising themselves to keep it up this time. Whether it is fitness or weight loss, a promotion, career or business change, finishing the studies you started long time [...]

Looking back to increase the harvest

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September, second month of harvest season, last chance to take corrective measures and increase your impact and results for this year! Time to look back, evaluate and celebrate successes while being melancholic and thankful for the past. Saying farewell to old habits, friends and activities that do not suit us anymore is also part of [...]

Gratitude and joy – ingredients for a better version of yourself

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While July was the time to reflect and adjust activities, we are now in a state of joy and relaxation. Our body and mind needs a break from constant challenges and changes, time to stand still, enjoy, be satisfied and grateful for all you have received, created and accomplished before taking the next steps to [...]

Re-align, get set, go!

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Yeah - summer is here! But wait, there is still so much to do... Time to re-align! Are you also busy wrapping up loose ends of projects to prepare for a well-deserved summer break? It feels like the busiest period of the year again, right? It is the effect of the doubling earth energies this [...]

Nature’s mindfulness support – July

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Nature holds messages and supports a mindful lifestyle. Spending time outdoors, paying attention to our surrounding helps us not only with grounding, but also helps finding answers and purpose. July is about reconnecting, finding our place in society and re-aligning our activities. The oak as well and the wren can give guidance during meditations in [...]

New Years resolutions – 3 ways to successfully make change

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New Year - New opportunities - New resolutions It’s the first week of the New Year and you are thinking of your New Years resolution. Whatever your resolution is, it is difficult to stick to a plan. In this blog I am giving you some tips to help you implement your resolution successfully this [...]

Finding the right path intuitively

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Finding the right path intuitively Since I left my secure job I felt guilty. Guilty for not doing enough for my business, not producing the content I have in my head, but after some time, without the daily run for deadlines, I realized that I first needed to recover, learn to listen to my [...]