How to face the challenges of remote working in the COVID-19 era

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Remote work has become more challenging and requires a fresh look as most of the corporate workforce has moved to home offices on a full-time basis. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 70% of people globally worked remotely at least once a week. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic struck most of the corporate workforce has moved to [...]

Re-align, get set, go!

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Yeah - summer is here! But wait, there is still so much to do... Time to re-align! Are you also busy wrapping up loose ends of projects to prepare for a well-deserved summer break? It feels like the busiest period of the year again, right? It is the effect of the doubling earth energies this [...]

Working from home? How to keep the work-life balance

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Working at home has many benefits, but also holds challenges as you need to learn setting boundaries and end work. Feng Shui is about balance and you need to make sure to keep the work-life balance to ensure quality time for yourself, with our family and friends. One of the benefits of working from home [...]


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CREATE POSITIVE ENERGY TO ATTRACT OPPORTUNITIES Spending one third of our life in the office, it is extremely important to have a harmonious environment. Applying some Feng Shui rules helps increasing team productivity! Harmony at the workplace reduces office politics and sick days, increases focus and personal achievements, which leads to better team performance and contributes [...]

How to choose a business location

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We all know that the nature of a business is an important aspect when searching for a location. While a retail store is located best in areas where people go shopping anyway, an office might be better placed outside the pedestrian area with good access from highway, train or local public transport. […]