New beginnings are sprouting under the surface. In nature it is the tipping point which decides if seeds will survive and blossom or simply die. Ouch! But how does that translate to our personal lives and professional activities? This blog explains how to use the natural cycles to create flow in business. Welcome 2019!

Dream, Plan, Act

New beginnings are on our mind since New Years and while January was about dreaming big, planning the headlines and sketching 2019 plans in big lines, it’s time to fill-in the details to bring those plans to life! Ask yourself HOW and WHAT! How do you actually get to your goals? Maybe you have already given up on your resolution, but what do you need to do to get back on track? Which products or services are about to die and which ones are going to bloom this upcoming year? What do you need to change to ensure a thriving 2019?

I defined my personal business plan for 2019 in big lines and I started planting seeds for that already in the past months, but it’s time to fill-in the details to really make it happen now! Actions are the key here! And this is where Life Mapping and Feng Shui become handy! I use it to determine which activities and industries are most supported by the annual energy of the Yin Earth Pig and pair it with using the best areas in my home/office to work on those goals with more ease. And I can only recommend doing the same as it helps to put you in the flow, removes those blockages and provides focus!

Here my step-by step approach:

  • Define your focus areas (whether you do that intuitively or use what I call ‘Life Mapping’)
  • Watch the video below and apply it to your home or office
  • Define the best spaces to support your activities in 2019
    Oh wait, placing a ‘cure’ might not be sufficient to make magic happen! Just to be clear, it is the combination of using the most suitable energy field of a space for our activities that creates flow and better outcomes.
    A physical cure is supportive and either calming or strengthening the energy, but action is still required.
  • Use the defined areas to actively work on your goals; whether for meetings, strategic planning, conversations…

Identifying supportive sectors

In the video below I explain the energy in the various sectors. As with everything in life there are positive and negative aspects, but sometimes it actually turns out that we need the negative events for our own growth. Just an example, the 3-star in South causes arguments and conflicts. We consider this to be negative as nobody likes conflict, but sometimes it is exactly what we need to get clarity and move on! Think about it and use the sectors wisely to create your life purposefully and aligned!

P.S. This is a general advice and as every house and its inhabitants are different a personal consultation is the always the best option to get you in the best possible flow.

Curious what the (Chinese) New Year has in store?
Ok, let’s talk about the patron of the year – the Yin Earth Pig and its characteristics to give you just a short outlook:

  • You might feel the lighter and more playful energy of the friendly pig already! But it’s not only a social and friendly fellow, but also very intelligently teaching and empowering others while avoiding conflict. We might see new leaders rising up as a result. Take the opportunities, ladies!
  • There is also a lot of water and fire in the game, which means continuing growth in IT and Social Media, but disruption of financial markets. If you are in any of those industries, be prepared!
  • All of it is paired with more scandals and outbursts of nature leading to disasters like flooding, contaminated water and interruption of traffic and public transport.
  • Health issues related to the digestive system (intestine).

Do you want to find out what the impact on you personally is this year?
Contact me for more information on a Life Mapping session (BaZi for those familiar with metaphysics).