Does your home effect your relationships?


Relationships are the key to our happiness. Find out how your home influences them and follow these tips to attract love After the last bedroom related blog focused mostly on the health aspect it supports, I want to dedicate this month to the impact on relationships. While you might see a connection between your home [...]

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Intuition leads the way


Allow your intuition to lead the way during this yin water rooster month starting 8 September and lasting until 7 October. Ying water is like mist or soft rain in the morning, nurturing but unpredictable, bringing some mystery into the day and this month as fall is slowly taking over. Intuition and following your instincts [...]

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How to create a bedroom for more vitality and happiness


Whenever I enter a home people ask “Has my home good Feng Shui? What do I need to look out for or what can I do to make it better?” Often enough there is nothing visibly wrong with the home while it might still create problems effecting health, relationships, career and financial flow. Then it [...]

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Energies August 2019 – An emotional rollercoaster?


August started on the 8th and is called the month o the hungry ghosts. August is lead by the metal monkey and unfortunately, the annual pig and the monthly monkey energy do not have much in common! Emotional rollercoaster There are challenges ahead of us. It is again time for change, triggered by cosmic yang water [...]

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Shine your light and connect with others! That is the message of the yin metal goat this July! Paired with the annual energy of the pig it indicates internal change. Whatever you have on your mind, July will bring it out so that you can move forward and implement the change you internally felt coming. [...]


How to find inspiration


It’s a good time now to put ideas into action, communicate and carry them out into the world. The yang metal horse energy of the month is helping to spread the word fast. But... do you have the right ideas to profit from the horse energy? How to find inspiration? Find my 4 tips to [...]

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Change – A chance to innovate


May is bringing change and the chance to innovate! This monthly update explains the cause and gives tips how to turn changes into chances and innovate. As the annual energy of the earth pig clashes with the zodiac sign of this month, the yin fire snake, change is forced upon us. Especially those born under the [...]

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3 ways to reconnect with yourself and your surrounding to create more happiness


April invites you to reconnect with yourself, your unique talents and the person you always wanted to be. During this spring season (spring = creation & growth) the insights from reconnecting are helpful for your personal development, add value to your career or business while creating happiness for yourself. Well, it actually all starts with [...]

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How to find your talents and choose a fulfilling career


What is inside of you?  Are you aware of your inner beauty; your unique talents, skills and characteristics? Maybe you are struggling to discover all your strengths and translating them to a fulfilling career? Want to change but do not know what to do?! Self awareness is the first step towards change. This is a good [...]

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Three areas of conflict


March already! Time to get your battle suit on and go back out. Mixed energies causing conflicts in three areas while calling in romance too. Careful, this might be a dangerous combo for those in relationships! Take advantage of that sparkling light of this yin fire month to shine onto the dark spots of your [...]

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