If you had sleeping problems have nightmares recently, wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep, you should read on to learn how I solved this problem for my 11-year old son with just a few adjustments in his bedroom.

It started at the end of January that my son woke up every night after having the same scary nightmare. The first couple of nights I could calm him down and take him back to his room, but after this continued he started to avoid his room and at the end even refused to sleep in his room.For a temporary fix he slept in another room and sure enough, the sleeping problems were solved instantly.

Something changed all of a sudden and I was sure it had to do with the new years’ energies manifesting in February with the conflict star #3 in the center. So, I started to analyse the situation and looked at his room under the following aspects

  • The general set up and appearance of his room
  • The position of the bed
  • His personal directions based on his birthday
  • The location of the annual stars in general and for his horoscope sign in particular

My findings where not a surprise to me, and most likely not for any other Feng Shui practitioners, but as most people do not know about the impact of the changing position of the planets on us humans, I feel it is worthwhile sharing.

The bed was positioned in front of the windows, with the head panel against the wall towards his love direction. This is in principle good, but even though the light was perfect on his desk, the windows were blocked and hard to access. That was my first observation and caused me to think of moving the bed, but this was definitely not the reason for bad sleep! Therefore I measured (once again, just to be sure) with my compass the direction he was sleeping in. It was Southwest 1, the house of his horoscope sign, where the Grand Duke Jupiter resides in 2015.

You might wonder what the location of Jupiter has to do with sleeping problems? Well, Jupiter has more than 1000 times the volume of our planet earth and is composed of gaseous and liquid matters. Thinking of the known effect of the moon, a tiny planet in comparison, on our oceans and our human bodies, I think it is obvious that the enormous mass of Jupiter must have an influence on men too. In Feng Shui we take this into account and work around the impact of this external energy by avoiding to face or to sleep with the head pointing towards this direction.

But my son was now sleeping with his head pointing into exactly the direction Jupiter moved into. I was still sceptical if this could really be the trigger for the nightmares, but decided to move his furniture in order to simply try it out.


First I chose a location for the bed in one of his lucky directions while taking the rooms’ limitations like position of the door, water pipes in the walls etc into account. I moved the bed and the rest then fell automatically into place.

Besides the room looking much cleaner and larger, it also solved the sleeping problems. He now likes being in this room again and the nightmares are history.



Do you have any sleeping problems lately?

It is really worthwhile checking those aspects and reposition the bed to ensure deep and undisturbed sleep. Of course it does not replace a visit to the doctor if there are serious health hazards, but it is a supporting tool. Sleep is so important; we can simply not function without sleep! It allows our body and mind to rest and rejuvenate. But also if you feel frustrated because you have more conflicts in your relationship or at work, be aware of the amazing impact of the annual energy shift on our health, wellbeing and behaviour!

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