Tap into the growth energy of May

Nature is blooming and all kind of flowers are spreading their sweet incense to seduce bodies and minds. It is the month of hope, growth and the start of summer, the season of the fire element, which brings out our passion!

Well, that’s according to the Celtic and Chinese calendar, but looking at the nature’s cycles it makes just so much more sense than our Western calendar.

After a time of reflection and transformation, this is the time to integrate talents and share them with our network. This upcoming full moon is the right moment to do so as we enter a period of outgoing, yang energy.

Flying Stars – May 2018

Tap into the the best energies of the Southeast, South and Southwest sectors this month for personal growth, recognition and prosperity. Use these sectors and directions for studies, work and sleep. Read the details for every sector hereunder.

Red numbers = monthly stars
Black numbers = annual stars

Southeast (1&8) – The white star 1 brings prosperity this month for those living in a home with it’s front door located in the SE sector. This energy combination of 1&8 brings career advancements and financial opportunities.

South (6&4) – The 6-star indicates authority, power and status as well as leadership. Combined with the energy of the annual scholastic star 4, the South sector is best used for studies to enhance the results of any exam.

Southwest (8&6) – In this sector the wealth star 8 combines with the heavenly luck star #6 and brings financial enhancements. If your front door is located in this sector you profit most from this energy. It might be the right moment to invest in or sell properties.

West (4&2) – Scholastic star mixing with the illness star! This is still a good place to study, however women should avoid this area for sleeping as they are vulnerable and easily become sick this month. It might also reflect negatively on the marriage and lead to clashes.

Northwest (3&1) – The argumentative star 3 brings conflicts with helpful people, your mentors and the patriarch of the household. But hey, this might be the discussion you need to reach higher grounds!

North (7&5) – 7 brings sharp energies into an area afflicted by the 5 star. This is the most negative area in the house and is best avoided to use for any activities. Keep it calm and dim the lights.

Northeast (5&3) – 3 brings conflicts and aggression into relationships and in combination with the 5 start might lead into serious disagreements. Make sure to keep the sector calm, reduce activities and movement in this part of the house.

East (9&7) – indicate an increase in speaking opportunities for those in business, but it could also lead into people stealing your ideas or health related issues as the metal 7-star with his fierce energy might also show his negative side when triggered.

Center (2&9) – The annual star 9 stands for innovation and inspiration, but together with this month’s illness star #2, it means stagnation. Your ideas and vision is not aligned and does not resonate with others.


Nature’s symbols for guidance
Use these symbols during meditations and visualisations and ask them for guidance and/or spend time outdoors in areas where you can find them.

The hawk
This powerful predator symbolises the male attributes in every woman. With her strong personality, the hawk dares to take risks and dive deep into unknown territory. The hawk sets strong boundaries, is vigorous and persevere. With her sharp vision, remaining life-long territory and guidance of new life, the hawk is a messenger from the other world and can help women to reach their highest potential.

The hawk takes you along on her flights to impermanence. Ask this totem how it can take you to the depth of your unconsciousness en which message it holds there for you.



The willow
This female tree is strongly connected to water, the moon and love. She has the potential to take you onto a journey into your deepest emotions and spirituality. The willow is also associated with release and is asking to let go of unhealthy relationships. She is inviting us to review habits, ideas and addictions and to focus on mutual beneficial friendships and partners while discovering new territory.

Visit a willow and make connection as you would meet a new person, talk to her and address your questions. Thank the tree for her response, which could appear as words or images to you.


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What are your tips to take advantage of opportunities this month? Share them with us in the comments below!


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