Shine your light and connect with others!

That is the message of the yin metal goat this July! Paired with the annual energy of the pig it indicates internal change. Whatever you have on your mind, July will bring it out so that you can move forward and implement the change you internally felt coming. So, what are you brewing up this month? Are you deciding to take a new direction?

Yin metal is like fine jewellery; carefully shaped and treated to display its beauty and its energy can also be linked to a glamorous lifestyle. The goat lives in groups and makes its way through any terrain; unstoppable, step by step up and down the steep and rocky mountains. But how can we make use of these characteristics to align our activities for more ease and flow this month? What is the best thing to do or focus on? Simply get pretty, spend time connecting with other people and be your true self! Enjoy meeting old and new people during this summer season!

Even though you might face unknown territories or situations, experience some ups and downs, this is what is needed to get feedback and clarity on whatever you have on your mind. Stepping outside the comfort zone is not easy, but so liberating once you do it!

I know, so far 2019 has not been an easy ride, but I try looking at the bright side of every obstacle and take them as lessons. Why are things not the way you want them to go? Did you do what it takes? Or did you procrastinate? And if so, why did you procrastinate? You will be getting more clarity and can eliminate the things that don’t make you happy and thrive – step by step, by aligning with the monthly energies and facing the lessons thrown at us; even if it means more change! This month gives us the task to shine and connect. But what does it take to shine?

What makes you shine?

Whatever makes you happy, will spark joy and spreads throughout every cell of your body. You cannot do anything but shine inside and out! But so many of us actually forgot what exactly makes them shine. During childhood and youth we are raised to fulfil expectations and fit into the framework of society, which means following a standardised path which often does not support our own talents and interests. We start dimming that light inside us and stop shining and inspiring others only to fit in. Personally, I am done dimming my light to fit in! I am done to do things the way everybody else is! I am done with cookie cutting! Aren’t you? But it’s so darn difficult to step out of that pattern, to put aside what has been expected from us over years and stand up to be our true self.

The 2019 pig is combining with its friend, the goat this July. This gives a boost to the wood element and triggers our creativity and problem-solving abilities.

So, here are a few things I am practicing myself to take off my layers and re-discover my own light. Maybe you have a different approach? We’d love to hear it! Just be creative and trust your intuition when peeling off the layers.


Remember your early childhood (this is linked to the basis chakras) and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What made you happy?
  • How did you spent your time?
  • What were you dreaming of?

Your basis chakra’s might be weakened and could need a boost. The healing meditation will help, but you can also carry crystals (red and/or orange coloured) as closed as possible to the 1st and 2nd chakra (in your pocket or taped to the belly (under navel). This simple exercise might be a real eye-opener as we often do not look back. Did you dream of being a singer when you were young? And? What is the status quo? Did you do anything with this dream and talent of yours? Pick it back up and see how it makes you feel!

Meditation and Healing

Meditation and healing practice cleanses body and mind and helps you find clarity:

  • Connect with the universal energies during meditation.
  • Inhale this cleansing and vitalising energy filling your body, especially the basis chakras, and release all negativity via your feet into the earth.
  • Ground yourself and ten fill your body mentally with the nurturing energy from the earth to feed and heal yourself
  • Visualise a visit to your favourite place in nature and note what you see and feel.

Repeat this regularly; daily for best effect. It might take time to work through all the layers that cover your true self, but over time you will get more clarity.


Writing a journal is a great way to become aware of your wants and don’t-wants:

  • Write down your experience, your thoughts, dreams and desires.
  • Note the animals, plants, stones and people you saw and connect with their strengthening energy to support your transformation.

And don’t worry if the experience and vision varies every day. This is part of the journey and helps you fine-tuning and re-aligning your actions. Need some motivation? Watch Lisa Nichols inspirational speech here

But now, let’s also look at the Feng Shui energy map of this month to see which spatial energies can support us along the way.

Overall energy:

This month the metal star #6 is joining the annual 8-star in the center. The 6 in general stands for authority, power and status and is known as career star and helps to get things done! It also represent the head and brain. Paired with the prosperity 8-star this indicates success and financial opportunities in career and business. Combined with the goat energy, I suggest you go out to connect and meet with people for professional growth.

As usual, keep the center of your home clear of clutter, remove any obstacle that could block the energy to benefit from this positive energy boost.

In the energy map below you find two numbers in each grid. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars and you might notice that all numbers are doubling up this month and create extremes – either positive or negative.

There are two main areas that support you during our self-discovery journey:

#8 in West combining with the success #1 and brings financial growth opportunities. Use the West to increase your chances for positive financial results.

Northeast is this months’ stage to show yourself and shine! Pay attention to details for positive outcome. Use this area of your office or home to prepare or conduct presentations and speeches, share your ideas and talents. However, the energy in this sector might trigger eye problems.

The two weakest sectors are Southeast and Southwest during this period; both sectors might lead to losses, misunderstandings and conflicts and are better avoided. Keep these sectors quiet and move work or relationship related activities to other areas. Place heavy metal objects in Southwest to control the negative influences. Use the areas above that support you (W, NE, E & Center), avoid those that create conflicts and blockages (especially SE and SW).

What else can you do to shine?

  1. Balanced and strong physical energy helps you facing daily challenges. In my healing sessions I am using crystals as well as the singing bowl and angel energy. Contact me to book a session.
  2. Sometimes we need information and insights about ourselves as support for upcoming decisions.
    Life Mapping consultations are based on Chinese Astrology and create those insights, help forecasting and timing the next step. Read more here.
  3. Getting the timing right is often essential for positive outcome of activities, right? Did you know that this is predictable too? Plan ahead and use the right days for important decisions and actions. Read more here.

If you want to know more, schedule a free, personalised call. I will give you some tips and explain what I can do for you; in your personal situation. No strings attached!

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