November is the perfect time to turn inside, review and plan ahead! The month starts with the celebration of Halloween, All Saint’s Day and the Day of the Dead which is the marking of a 3-day period to close the year by reviewing past emotions and activities, worship the dead and finally, on Day 3, welcome the new cycle of nature and start to review our activities.

The month is guarded by the energies of the yin water pig. Yin energy is slow, cold, dark and directed inwards while the element water represents emotions, ideas, dreams and our intuition. Being aware of these attributes allows us to align with the energies, synchronise our activities and work in a naturally supported manner.

It’s time to look inwards and search for the roots of your emotions – acknowledge the positive and negative sides of your being. Use these insights to review and build a strong foundation to accomplish your goals for growth during the next cycle (year). The residing horoscope sign is the hot-tempered pig. As long as you treat yourself and your surroundings well, its intelligence and curiosity might lead to creative approaches to your personal challenges. 

Make also best use of the spatial energies on this journey! Review the house energies and choose wisely the areas you actively use.

Energy map November 2018

The 5-star combining with the 9-star in the center brings health hazards this month. While the 9 in general represents happiness and festivities, paired with the 5-star it becomes a negative twist! With all the upcoming November festivities, over-drinking and over-eating might be the cause of a low immune system inviting illnesses. Make sure to nurture your body and mind with healthy activities, foods and enough sleep to get through this phase. If you are having a weak immune system and fall sick easily, it’s best to avoid spending time in the center of your home! But where to spend your time instead? Read the recommendations hereunder to align and benefit from the best areas for health, wealth and relationships!

In the energy map below you find two numbers in each grid. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars. Allocate the direction of your front door (the one used by everybody living in your house/flat). The stars in the matching sector represent the energy impacting the entire household. Then continue to check the reading for any other sector you are using actively. Most important are bedrooms and workspace.

Southeast (4-8)
Knowledge combines with success and makes this a great sector to use as workspace again! Working in the Southeast sector will help you indentifying new opportunities to combine your plans and activities. It might take some time, but the outcome will be successful.

South (9-4)
Potential to grow not only your knowledge, but also your network! Make use of your network to get support and guidance. Use the South sector to make phone calls, set appointments and have meetings! It is also benefitial for those taking exams and is a great study area too.
The 9-4 is a fire combination bringing passion and love and helps couples conceiving as well.
If it is not possible to actively use that sector, then implement wooden objects in South to stimulate the effect – but avoid any trees or flowers planted in soil!

Southwest (2-6)
The 2-star brings health related troubles (stomach), especially to mothers or the female leader of a household or company, while also stimulating a strong mindset and willpower; don’t be shy when it comes to showing your strengths at work ladies! However, I recommend to add metal elements to the sector as the entire month is afflicted with the 5-star bringing health issues too.

West (7-2)
Even though these are both negative energies, in combination they actually bring success for modest goals. However, make sure to avoid arguments and gossip. Also the health might be affected, especially lungs, large intestine or skin. If you feel stuck in negativity and discomfort, place a large vase filled with water (approx. 5 liter) in this sector for the duration of the month.

Northwest (6-1)
You might see pink fluffy unicorns fulfilling your personal or professional dreams if you spend time in this area of your home or office! Wow – work or sleep in this sector to tap into dream fulfilling energy!

North (1-5)
Oh well, the North remains the trouble zone for a little longer! The 5 paired with the 1-star the North brings mental distress. Negativity, hunger for power, confusion or even depression could be resulting in confrontations and difficulties in any relationship. But hey, this is not permanent! With the right attitude you can overcome this! Stay positive and hang out with family and friends to comfort you. To control these energie, place a lot of heavy metal decorations or objects there. If you prefer to work with colour, introduce white, grey and metallic colours to the North sector.

Northeast (8-3)
A boost for activities in academics, performances, sports, arts & culture! Is this your area of expertise? Make use of area to support your ambitions. Along the way might be some debates, but that is sometimes necessary to move ahead and clear the air. Rather want to avoid discussions? Well, then you can place candles or red objects.

East (3-7)
Both by nature rather negative energies, but in combination they turn around! The East is the family and health sector and is this month good for money, prosperity and networking. This could lead to successful events! Health-wise residents of this part of the home, might experience liver problems. Avoid high consumption of alcohol, choose healthy food and consider to detox this month.

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