Yeah – summer is here! But wait, there is still so much to do…

Time to re-align! Are you also busy wrapping up loose ends of projects to prepare for a well-deserved summer break? It feels like the busiest period of the year again, right? It is the effect of the doubling earth energies this month and only temporary, believe me! Read on to find out how to align with the energies of this month (7 July – 6 August)

We are soon facing a break from daily tasks and professional life and get to spend time with family and friends, travel, explore new things and clear our minds! It’s time to enjoy and be playful, but also time to review, get clear on the things that do not serve us anymore.

After a few months of activities and growth, nature being in full bloom, it is now time to make choices and get ready to enter the next period of the year. While springtime is dedicated to bringing out seeds, July is the perfect time to review and adjust activities to ensure a good harvest this fall.

Prioritising and making choices helps us to stay focussed and keeps us on track to reach our goals. But what are those goals precisely? And what is the right choice? Spend time in nature and consult the oak or wren for advice.

Get clear and re-align

Sometimes we force ourselves to do things because they seem logic while they are not aligned with our very own dreams or needs. These activities feel like a burden, cost a lot of energy and distract from doing what we are passionate about. The summer break is the perfect opportunity to review and re-align your activities so that it matches with the person you really want to be! Focus on those re-defined activities.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Build partnerships to help you reaching those dream goals of yours.
July supports teamwork and all kind of down-to-earth, practical tasks. Getting things done as a team is easier, more fun and efficient. So, why don’t you go out and look for those partners once you figured out what it is you want to keep doing and ditch all the rest – at least for the time being!

But let’s check out the various directions to see which sectors you can use for best support!

The stars are doubling up this month!

This means that the impact of the energy in each sector is extremely strong this month. Good aspects are strengthened, but also the negative energies are!

In the energy map below you find two numbers in each grid. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars. Allocate the direction of your front door (the one used by everybody living in your house). The stars in the matching sector represent the energy impacting the entire household. Then continue to check the reading for any other sector you are using actively. Most important are bedrooms and workspace.


This is the luckiest sector in the house this month; especially if your entry is located here! The double 8-star brings prosperity and wealth. Maybe time to try out new ventures to make the most of the supporting wealth energy!?


The South sector is a true knowledge hub! The 4-star doubling up means that your knowledge can lead to great recognition. You just need to put it to use in order to reach your goals! If you love what you do, share it!

Besides study luck, you can also tap into the romance luck of this sector. Spending more time in this part of your home will make you irresistible!

Two leaders fighting over their authority and power! This affects especially the mothers of a household. Maintain your modesty and only speak up at the right moment. The wren might be a good source for support if this impacts on your leadership. Use candles or any other decorative item with a real flame to control this energy.

Time for self-care as the strengthened illness star 2 might impact on your health. If this is your bedroom, try to sleep somewhere else this month. In combination with the annual Grand Jupiter in this area, this is a serious threat! Place heavy metal objects in this sector and make sure to have a healthy life-style to strengthen your body & mind.

Intelligence, wisdom, and support energy resides in the mentor area and helps relationships to flourish. This is favourable for long-term purposes, but watch out for your very next, short-term steps!

Danger zone! The star of aggression and danger doubles up in North. This brings not only high risk of illness, disasters and major accidents, but might also lead to sabotage on the work front. Keep the North as quiet and dark as possible, the less time you spend in the North sector of your home or office, the less affected you will be. Placing wood in the sector also reduces its impact.

Heated arguments easily cause violent actions in July. Control your temper when getting into challenging situations. The energy of NE could result in exciting changes. Things will turn out for the better, even if the change was unplanned and seems negative at the moment.

The star of communication is doubling up in the health and family sector. Be careful not to hurt your loved ones with the spoken word. If you are in an industry that requires, networking, making deals and public speaking, then this is excellent energy to perform persuasive talks.

Oh wow – so much going on! Where to start?

I suggest to focus on these areas:
Spend your work time in Southeast to create and pull off any of your activities. The Northwest is the perfect spot to relax and absorb the supportive energies to find and attract your partners for collaboration. And yes, one last thing – stay away from North and keep that sector as quiet as you can!

And clear your mind to align with your higher self. Check out the mediations for July here.
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So, which actions are you taking? Let us know in the comments below!