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October brings a change of energy moving from business-like metal energy to earth energy. It is the neutralizing energy preparing for the shift to the winter months. After bringing out more, additional seeds last month, it’s time to take just a small step back, keep it simple, follow more practical tasks, (re)connect with your network and align your communications. The dog, as loyal caregiver with strict norms, can be dominant at times. Keep that in mind to not overwhelm others.

Besides the dog, the 6-star is setting the tone for this month: Wisdom, knowledge and spirituality are combining with the 9-star in the center. This combination has high potential to bring good news when it comes to money matters, but mind its impact on health as the energy triggers heart-related issues. Watch out if you spend a lot of time in the center area of your home or office!

Energy map October 2018

Let’s see what impact the moving energies have on our environment, the spaces we use for sleeping, working, connecting and whatever else we are doing!

In the energy map below you find two numbers in each grid. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars. Allocate the direction of your front door (the one used by everybody living in your house). The stars in the matching sector represent the energy impacting the entire household. Then continue to check the reading for any other sector you are using actively. Most important are bedrooms and workspace.



Check the energy of the various sectors

Opposite to the past months, in October this sector is not a good sector to work in as it indicates stagnation! Poor decisions are likely to result in undesirable outcomes. Be careful to maintain a calm mind! If you cannot avoid use of the sector in your home or office? Then place heavy metal or wooden decorations to limit the impact of the 5-star.

The South sector gets visit from the success 1-star. In combination with the 4-star the luck is on your side! Equipped with wisdom and knowledge you can dare to be bold to climb the success ladder. Tap into this energy and use this area to work, to share your knowledge, run your webinars, write a book or study. To further strengthen the impact of this energy, you can place water, but note, it needs to be sufficient size (50cmx30cm) and moving (pump).

Especially females might be facing some conflicts if using this area of the home extensively. But keep an open mind about it: conflicts might also clear the way for new opportunities and can help to achieve your goals! If you are facing obstacles and need to trigger a conflict, spend time in SW, conduct meetings and calls from there!
Health wise this sector brings pain in legs, feet and/or along the spine. To control the conflicting energy, place metal objects this month.

The wealth star 8 pairing up with the 2 makes the West a lucky sector bringing in money for a good few weeks. Occupants are more likely to achieve financial success after a rather dry period. Using this sector to close deals or as workspace is perfectly activating the energy, but if you want to enhance it with some decorations, use crystals or pottery!

A great combinations if you need a boost in your communications and want your voice to be heard. Speak up now to reach your goals but be aware, it might also trigger resentment in some while others might steal your ideas. I recommend using the NW to trigger speaking opportunities, writing your newsletters, take video’s. The alignment with the cosmic forces will make it easier for you! Use water to enhance the success factor!

Seems like the North is really cursed… it remains again a troubled zone due to the permanent position of the 5 this year. Paired with the 2-star the North brings illnesses, difficulties and disappointments. It’s is still the best to avoid use of the North in your home and/or office. If you really cannot avoid spending time here, then place a lot of heavy metal objects! Hide body-building weights under the furniture or think of other creative solutions to integrate metal – and just leave it there until end of the year!

Whatever you are doing in this part of the home, you need to be determined and persistent make your activity successful and get what you want. It is likely that there will be conflicts and disagreements within the household. I suggest to place a bright light here – no candles, but a lamp – and keep it on as much as you can.

The East brings lack of motivation, frustration and maybe even depression through dealing with ongoing problems. Be careful to not slip into scheming or generally dishonourable tactics. This is temporarily, but you can still better use the more positive areas in your home to stay on the positive side. To ease the energy, you can place water.

To benefit most of this update, check especially the location of your workspace and bedroom! How?
Stand with a compass in the center of your home, take the direction.  Then divide the floor plan of your home or office into  9 equal squares and define their compass directions. That way you can identify exactly in which sector your rooms are located and what energies impact you or the people you share this space with. If you are effected by negative energies, move into another area for a few weeks, put the recommended materials in place or spend more time in the positive sectors! Don’t get frustrated if there is anything you simple cannot do. Focus on the things you can do and the negative effects will play a less dominant role that way.

What you are experiencing this month? Please please please – post in the comments hereunder and I will respond as well!

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