Just like August, September carries again a business-like, fierce metal energy which supports your efforts to show yourself! Take advantage of this energy and make your very own voice heard; don’t be shy, ride on top of the wave and show yourself, share your vision and mission to the world! Just mind your words to stay out of trouble, take advice and stay focussed and be determined. But let’s have a look at the flying stars in detail to find out how to get the right support!

Energy map for September 2018

This month the annual 9-star is teaming up with the rebellious 7-star; also known as communication star. It is a beneficial combination for those in jobs requiring negotiating, speaking and presenting, but it also has negative effects such as danger of injuries and worst case even robbery.

Your network is actively engaged and growing; there might even be a flirtatious relationship… A wealth boost lies ahead, but you need to manage quite some challenges, changes and unexpected twists. The situation requires focus and determination for a positive outcome! Stay alert and sharp!

In the energy map below you find two numbers in each grid. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars. Allocate the direction of your front door (the one used by everybody living in your house). The stars in the matching sector represent the energy impacting the entire household. Then continue to check the reading for any other sector you are using actively. Most important are bedrooms and workspace.

Check out the various sectors in detail

This is again a really good sector this month and supports leadership and financial success as long as you make sure to take your responsibilities serious! Use this sector for work-related activities and/or face this direction for financial negotiations. To stimulate the energy, you can also place earth object (porcelain, pottery, stones and crystals for example) in this area.

The South sector gets visit from the illness 2-star. In combination with the 4-star it indicates disputes with other females in your network or family. Also watch your health if you are spending a lot of time in the South sector or you home or if the front door is located there. To correct and limit the impact of the 2-star, place heavy metal objects in South for this month.

A great area if you are seeking to grow your knowledge! Use it for studies or school projects. But be cautious: As metal and wood energy are clashing, you might have the tendency to leave projects unfinished! To reach your goal you need to overcome that! Placing water in Southwest will level out the imbalance. You can for example use an aquarium or water basin with rather deep water (approx. 30-50cm)

The 9-star paired with the 2-star in West brings problems with the eye sight. This impacts especially persons who spend a lot of time in the west sector of the home or office. Make sure to get your eyes checked and reduce the time you spend in this sector.

Even though the energy is positive and brings wealth opportunities, there is also a negative layer to it! Have an open mind and think of creative solutions to your challenges. Accept also the advice of more experienced peers.

The North remains a troubled zone: With the 3-star visiting, it indicates financial issues, gambling problems and powerplays. The best is to simply avoid use of that sector in your home! Seriously! If you have your bedroom in North, move into another part of the home for the remaining year!

Wisdom and intelligence energy enters the Northeast, but paired with aggression, this might cause problems. Try to stay calm and focussed on your goal! Placing heavy metal objects in Northeast reduces the aggressions. Try it out when you notice that you are short fused this month.

East remains a difficult area again. Food poisoning, nausea or mouth and throat related problems might occur. Watch your words this month too: speaking without thinking or acting thoughtlessly could be a recipe for disaster and failure. Placing water in the East will control your communications and prevent injuries and robbery, but it’s remains a negative sector nevertheless. Try to avoid the East for sleeping and working – all the activities that make you spend a lot of time in the sector basically.

Check the location of your workspace or bedroom to be prepared for this month energy. How?
Stand with a compass in the center of your home and then divide the floor plan of your home or office into the 8 compass directions. That way you can identify exactly in which sector your rooms are located and what energies impact you, other family members or colleagues. If you are effected by negative energies, move into another area for a few weeks, put the recommended materials in place or spend more time in the positive sectors!

What you are experiencing this month? Simply post in the comments hereunder and I will respond as well!

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