Christmas spirit in all corners?

Christmas spirit is in the air! While darkness is dominant over daytime, it’s a time of family celebrations and sparkling light decorations. All festivities are about giving, recognising and thanking each other and spreading happiness. We are using seasonal spices in baked and cooked goods to stimulate feelings of warmth, trust, love and even fertility. While we try to bring light in this dark and cold season, nature is already preparing deep in the ground for the next blooming season. It’s time to say good-bye to the old, to cleanse and prepare yourself for the new things to come!

Yang energy is active, outgoing and social while the water element represents our emotions, ideas, dreams and intuition. The intelligence of the rat suggests to use this time wisely and start preparing for the next year, to align with the energies, synchronise activities and work in a naturally supported manner.

December is therefore the time to work again on your own light! What you can contribute to this world and how can you shine bright in the upcoming year? Making plans and defining your goals in a New Years resolution ensures your personal and professional development, but are you also making use of the spatial energies to support your goals during this phase? Review the house energies, choose supportive areas for active use and find out where to place your Christmas tree this year!

Energy map December 2018

The 4-star combining with the 9-star in the center brings stong love energy this month. The 9 in general represents happiness and festivities, paired with the 4-star it creates the perfect atmosphere for this holiday season! This combination is good for finances, money management, operations and connecting with other people. Sound like the perfect month to finalize a joint venture! Spend time in the center of your home or office to activate this energy and even place your Christmas tree right here. It will boost relationships and personal growth especially for younger people in the family!

Read the recommendations hereunder to find out what the other sectors you can do for you or where else you can place your Christmas tree this season.

In the energy map below you find two numbers in each grid. The larger, red numbers are the stars of the month; the small, black numbers are the annual stars. Allocate the direction of your front door (the one used by everybody living in your house). The stars in the matching sector represent the energy impacting the entire household. Then continue to check the reading for any other sector you are using actively. Most important are bedrooms and workspace.

Southeast (3-8)
This is a hightly prosperous so called Ho-Tu combination and boosts especially all wood-related activities. Think of academic pursuits, performances, sports, crafts or businesses related to wood works.

South (8-4)
The wealth star 8 is strengthened by the wooden 4 (knowledge) and the fire energy of the South. It is therefore a perfect area to work if you are seeking new opportunities or ideas in business or for your personal pursuits. Long-time success is almost guaranteed. The South sector is also a good spot for your Christmas tree; placing your tree here is activating your wealth luck!

Southwest (1-6)
The 1-star brings knowledge and support from other people and paired with the 6 strengthens the ability to make things happen. If you feel stuck in a project, try to sit in the SW sector to work on it. If that is not possible, place heavy metal objects here to further enhance this energy. That way you can still benefit from it. But also placement of your sparky decorated Christmas tree is enhancing the energy and will harmonise family gatherings. Isn’t this what we all want for the holidays?

West (6-2)
The 6 with it’s spiritual energy strengthens leadership and direction and enables to make calm and steady progress towards fulfilment of your dreams. Especially people in the spiritual field are supported using this sector this month. The 2-start usually brings illness, but is very weak in this area. Your Christmas tree makes a great asset here too and activates all those helpful people and opportunities you are seeking for.

Northwest (5-1)
Earth countering the intelligence star 1 leads to negative thinking, the feeling of overwhelm and running mentally in a hamster wheel. You might think you go crazy while overthinking everything. If this sounds familiar, move out of the Northwest this month; especially if you are sleeping in NW! To weaken the impact of the 5, you can also place metal objects. Think practical and place metal household objects, your exercise weights or whatever you have under your bed.

North (9-5)
Fire energy of the 9-star is strengthening the nasty 5-star and brings more obstacles. Oh well, by now we all know to avoid the North and we should continue to do so. You better make sure to NOT place your Christmas tree in North as this would make things even worse! Keep this sector as calm and unused as possible, the only cure you can implement is again heave metal objects, but the effect will be limited.

Northeast (7-3)
The ‘Sum of 10’ (7+3=10) converts these rather negative stars into a pool of positivity. The Northeast is this month good for money, prosperity and networking and turns events into successful happenings. Good spot for your tree too.

East (2-7)
Another special (so called Ho-Tu) combination. Passion, positive energy, inspiration and optimism are its characteristics. If you are working in a fire-related industry such as IT, work in this area for a career boost. Just make sure to avoid unfriendly arguments and stay away from gossiping.

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