Discover an easy way to create more life-balance and happiness

My name is Britta van Arman, I am Feng Shui Consultant.

I help conscious men & women to bring balance and focus back in their private and professional lives by creating harmonious living and working spaces. Room layout and decor influence how we feel, communicate and perform. Applying Feng Shui in the interior enhances all these areas in an invisible but sensible way and is part of a mindful lifestyle.

Recognise this? You feel immediately comfortable in one space but restless and distracted in another? In my ebook “Make your home your sanctuary” I explain the reason and give you the key formula to manipulate your own space and benefit from the calming effect this change will bring to body, mind and all areas of life.

This practice adds another layer to a mindful lifestyle; it is my mission to help conscious persons to discover this aspect and help them living in the flow.
“Make your home your sanctuary” explains the first steps you can apply right away to create a more mindful and supported lifestyle. All you need is a compass and the ebook to evaluate your current settings.

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Enjoy reading!

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“We become what we surround ourselves with!”

4 reasons to feng shui your home

You probably heard about Feng Shui before and immediately think of placement of Asian decoration, crystals and water fountains, right? But that is not mandatory and there is much more to it! Here just 4 reasons to feng shui your home

  1. A logic room set up eliminates obstacles and ensures an easy (work) flow.
  2. Knowledge of the best personal directions allows meaningful definition and use of rooms.
  3. Application of these directions for sleeping and sitting makes you feel more rested and energised;
    this will automatically have a positive impact on your relationships and work!
  4. Eliminating spatial blockages effecting yourself or family members puts you at ease, so that you can focus on your tasks and be more successful.

Supportive homes for better living

Defining the layout of a home or office and placement of furniture is rather simple if you know what to watch out for.

Learn an easy, but very effective Feng Shui formula to identify your best directions to enhance all aspects of life. Taking the stress out of one area immediately impacts positively on another area and keeps spreading to the next; creating a ripple effect like a drop of water and putting you back in flow.

Take your home improvement efforts to the next level to ensure a happier, healthier and more successful life. It is really not necessary to have an expensively designed home to tap into positive energies; it just requires following some principles!

My background and passion

Since my childhood I have been fascinated by the phenomenon that one space feels better than another one and how this impacts on wellbeing, relationships and performance.

It was during my career as Event Organizer that I discovered my passion to maximize the set up of any given space, to decorate and make guests feel comfortable and then decided to study Interior Design. After receiving my diploma, I started several years of intense Feng Shui training with Grandmaster Lillian Too and World of Feng Shui Netherlands and earned the Master title in 2012. I then quickly began to consult on spatial arrangements under those new aspects. Furthermore I am a ‘House of KIKI’ home stager and a Chakra & Aura Healer. Everything is energy and is reflected in our home. I am trying to connect the dots for a holistic approach.