Creating flow and ease to support women during times of change

I am Britta van Arman and it is my mission to empower professional women by helping them to re-align their activities and their environment to create flow and ease for more happiness and success in all aspects of life.

Every environment and building has its own energetic frequency. The response of our bodies to these frequencies defines how we feel, interact and perform and therefore impacts the outcome of everything we do and experience in life for more than 30%. This can effect your health, relationships, career or family. If the flow of energy, the Chi, is stuck in your home, so are you!

Do you want to ensure that the energetic imprint of your home influences you positively? That you are feeling energised and nurtured physically and mentally? So that you can perform and interact successfully in personal and professional life?

The environment plays a crucial role in our lives!

Request my free ebook “Make your home your sanctuary” with tips and insights around aligned living and working. I compiled tips to help you review your home settings to enhance its energy flow for immediate positive effects. Many of my customers applied these simple tips and reported positive shifts in their lives. Give it a try – request your copy!

But there is more to creating a happy & healthy life!
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Do you want to create flow & ease for an abundant and prosperous life?

I am working energetically on the three aspects above and help you analyse, amend and plan your activities for a more harmonious and balanced life. Benefits from working with me include

  • Increased energy level

  • Improved focus & productivity

  • Better relationships

  • Better sleep & health

  • More opportunities

  • Improved financial flow

Consultations can be either remotely or in-person, all depending on your needs and your location.
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I look forward to hearing from you!