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Everything is energy and so is the structure of a building, its walls, furniture and anything else. It stores energy of people and events – whether happy or unhappy. A space cleansing removes negative energies and uplifts the vibe. It’s like hitting the reset button!

I recommend space cleansing after illness and the passing of a loved one, after gathering with many people or accumulated obstacles and disruptions in a household or work space. 

Onsite:     187 Euro
Remotely: 77 Euro

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The body is a reflection of our life and stores the blockages we experience or inherit; those often create emotional or physical blockages. As Certified Aura & Chakra Healer I discover and release those blockages so that your body’s self-healing process is stimulated. I compliment my treatment with singing bowl sounds/massage to enhance the energy flow in the body. You will feel more energised and relaxed already after the first session. Also pain is often reduced or removed. Healing session – 60 minutes 65 Euro

Remote healing – 30 Euro

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Are you and your home a good match? Or does your home create obstacles and illness? Your home’s energy is changing with time and effects you emotionally, physically and spiritually. The effects can be positive or negative and mirror your life, your wellbeing, relationships, career and success.

During a Feng Shui analyse I align your personal and spatial energies to creating supportive and balanced spaces that support you and your life mission. Feng Shui advice from 497 Euro

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Are you going to buy a home? And do you want to know if the potential home you are looking at is a good choice? Making sure it does not only look nice, but also supports you in achieving your goals for a happy and healthy life?

With a short Feng Shui assessment I can identify if the estate of your choice is matching your personal energy and how it would influence aspects like your health, relationships, family (planning) and career. You will receive a short summary with the headlines of the findings to support your buying decision – yes/no. Worth knowing what you get into, right? 167 Euro

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All rates are including 21% Dutch VAT for private customers within the EU; outside the EU a surcharge of 21% is applicable.
For businesses different rates apply. Please contact me to request your customised quote.

Rates are applicable for homes with a surface of max. 125 sqm and four persons in the household. For every additional person and/or every additional 20 sqm a supplement of 97 Euro will be charged.

Travel expenses:
Distance of 10 km and 30 minutes travel time are free of charge. For longer distances the following rates are applicable: 65 Euro/hour travelling plus eventually parking fee and 0,19 Euro/km. For international destinations all travel expenses (transport, bed & breakfast, travel time) need to be compensated. Request your personal offer!

Guidance sessions:
My guidance sessions are usually conducted online via Zoom or Skype unless you live in the surrounding and prefer face-to-face meetings. In this case we will meet in my practice in Amsterdam. The rate is 90 Euro/hour.