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If you want to make your mindful lifestyle more powerful, then I invite you to work with me and transform your home into a balanced and supportive sanctuary.

Are you someone who is living a mindful lifestyle? Someone who takes care of health, nutrition, take time for yourself, practice yoga or meditation? Or maybe you spend time in nature or follow a creative hobby to take a break from all the daily tasks to re-balance? Then you are doing the absolute right things to nurture your body, mind & soul.

But do you still have the feeling to lack energy and focus too fast and too often? Do you get irritated, impatient and short fused easily? Or are maybe your relationships with family, friends or business partners difficult due to misunderstandings or conflicts? Is your sleep effected and you simply cannot find rest? Does any of this describe you?
Here my question to you: Are you being mindful about your direct environment, the most sacred space, your home?

I have noticed that many people do not even consider their home having an impact on the quality of their life! The opposite is the truth!

The energy of your home really does effect all aspects of your life! It is the place where you spend a lot of time to socialise, raise your children, study, relax, rest, rejuvenate and prepare healthy food for your loved ones; and all this under the influence of the home’s energy. This energy effects you emotionally, physically and spiritually within just a few months after moving in. Often enough it creates blockages and obstacles in all areas of life.

Maybe you ever heard a person saying “Ever since we moved into this house, everything goes wrong”? As strange as it sounds, it is really possible! I can help you to create a balanced and supportive home so that you can enjoy life!

My clients are mainly professional women who work from home for their own business or for their corporate jobs.
To help you create a more supportive and balanced space I review your complete home; the use and set up of rooms, materials and colours in the interior as well as external influences.

Benefits from working with me include

  • more energy

  • better focus

  • increased efficiency

  • improved relationships

  • better sleep

  • increased health

I can help you in three different ways to create a supportive and balanced home which enables you to focus on creating the life you want!
Please take a look below at these options and we can schedule a free 20-minute call to define with one suits you best.

BALANCED HOME Consultations

All BALANCED HOME Consultations are 100% customized to your situation!  Compass readings, building date of the house as well as your birthdate is the basis for any advice. Combined with ancient, proven Feng Shui formulas I will define areas of improvement to tap into positive energies to create a balanced environment and support your life’s mission. As most of my clients work also from home, I am paying special attention to workspace.

How it works?
After taking inventory of your living situation and your home set up, we will define which corresponding areas in your house need attention. Based on the findings I will make a plan for optimised use of rooms, positioning of furniture, use of colours and materials. Recommendations could involve swopping of bedrooms, moving furniture and decorations as well as some painting or repair tasks.

You will feel the energy shift immediately after the implementation!

A space cleansing of the entire house will ensure that all stagnation is removed. Within 8-10 days the impact of the energy change becomes apparent; clients reported healed relationships, better financial flow, more clients in their business and also better sleep and improved health.

Please take a look below at these options and we can schedule a free 20-minute call to define with one suits you best.

1260 Euro

So, you are ready for change, quick decisions and want to take actions now to see improvements fast?

Request consultation
  • 6 hours at your home

    • taking inventory
    • analysing current floorplan
    • planning changes
  • Implementation of changes

    • including a helper for heavy lifting, excluding materials
  • Space cleansing

    • inclusive materials
  • 30 minute feedback call

660 Euro

Don’t want to involve external help but rather receive an easy-to-follow plan to implement recommended changes?

Request consultation
  • 1 hour at your home

    • taking inventory
  • Delivery of an action plan by email

  • Space cleansing instructions by post

    • instructions
    • materials for your use
  • Feedback by email

280 Euro

Circumstances don’t allow a personal visit? No problem, with a little bit of teamwork I can analyse your home also remotely!

Request consultation
  • Inventory by email

    • including all required information
  • Delivery of an action plan by email

  • Space cleansing instructions by email

  • Feedback by email

All rates are applicable for homes with a surface of max. 130 sqm and four persons in the household and are excluding 21% Dutch VAT and travel expenses. For every additional person and/or every additional 20 sqm a supplement of 98 Euro will be charged.

Don’t forget to schedule your free 20-minute call! Click this link and put it right in my agenda or send me an email!
I am looking forward to connect with you!