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Overview of events, workshops, readings and speaking engagements with the aim to help professional women to create a balanced home for more support in life.

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14 October 2018
Workshop – The healthy home
Location – De Roos Amsterdam

This workshop will focus on the health aspects of our home environment.
Full description is coming soon!

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Transform your relationships for more success & happiness

Our relationships have an impact on everything we do; whether you seek a new partnership, search a new job opportunity or run your own business. It is all about knowing the right people and being supported by them, right? During this workshop you will get tips to enhance your relationships by applying Feng Shui techniques.

We will cover the following aspects:
– Love
– helpful people
– family
and reveal how you can attract and transform those relationships to make best use of your network.
Stimulating the right areas of your home helps resolving blockages and activates your life!

Presenters: Britta van Arman (Living Chi, Amsterdam)
Sunday, 03 June 2018 from 14 – 17.00 at Centrum De Roos in Amsterdam

BOV Day 2018 (Bewust Ondernemende Vrouwen Dag)

8. April the entire BOV group comes together for a national conference. Together with Elene van Ast, I am talking about the importance of a supportive workspace for female entrepreneurs. See here the full programme:

SPARK 2018

I am humbled to be accepted as speaker at Spark 2018 taking place on 27 March at CREA Amsterdam.See here the full programme:
Hope to see you there!

Are you curious to find out what the year 2018 has in store? And do you want to prepare yourself and your environment to avoid energy clashes which could bringing conflicts, obstacles and health problems? Then this event is for you! Join the ‘2018 Feng Shui update’ and hear how to synchronise with the universal energies!

2018 – Year of the earth dog

We will explain the impact of the shifting energy and its impact on health, relationships, career and finances.

For this we will be looking at the following aspects:

– Chinese astrology covering all 12 horoscope signs
– The 2018 energy map of the Netherlands
– The Flying stars for each house/company in 2018
– Tips on how to control negative aspects while enhancing the positive ones
– Rules for home renovations in 2018
– Advice how to stay in good health, protect and /or grow your finances and relationships in 2018

All information is based on ancient, proven Feng Shui formulas analysing the relation of the elements earth, metal, water, wood and fire. This element cycle is also applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine and works basically like acupunture for your home/office: Stimulating the right areas of your home with the right element helps resolving blockages and activates your life! Living synchronised with the universal forces therefore allows you to live in flow, and gives you support for your activities so that you can build the life you envision.

The reading takes place on Sunday, 28 January 2018 from 13 – 17.00 at De Roos in Amsterdam.
Coffee/ thee, water and some nibbles will be available throughout the day. We will close with some drinks to celebrate the upcoming year 2018.

Spaces are limited! Make sure to reserve your spot and register here.