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Schedule your free introductory call or a short consultation

FREE Introductory Call (20 minutes) 

We all know the saying “My home is my castle” and it holds a lot of truth. Isn’t your home the one place where you can decide whom to let in and welcome in your life? A house tells stories about the inhabitant(s) and often we do not feel comfortable to share those stories with strangers. A FREE CALL allows you to find out if you want to open yourself and your castle to me and my advice. No matter how you decide afterwards, you will get some valuable advice during the call anyway.

Floorplan review (30 minutes)

During a consultation of 30 minutes I will identify the best use of the rooms as well as the best sleeping, working and seating spots to put you in a good flow. I also explain the impact of the current set-up on your life.

For homes with up to 2 persons, please schedule 30 minutes. If there are more person in the household, please book a double consultation (2x 30 minutes).