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I am Britta van Arman and I am a space optimiser, a planner, an energy transformer, a healer & feeler, a food lover and mother of two internationally raised children and a down to earth do-er.

I have been an event organizer, planning the spatial set up of international conferences and exhibitions, for many years. Entering a new space, my mind immediately tries to optimise the use of a space. My inner eye moves furniture into place, repositions wall decor and harmonises rooms depending on their usage and the inhabitants’ nature.

Spaces, their impact on wellbeing and behaviour, always fascinated me! And the perfectionist that I am, I wanted to build a proper basis for what I feel being my calling. Studying interior design gave me an understanding on the practical approach of spatial planning and questions relating to spatial energies were answered during my Feng Shui studies. This combination enables me to define best places for sleeping, wining & dining as well as working. It was a logic next step to use these skills also to help people to prepare and style their homes for selling – this is called homestaging (or in Dutch verkoopstyling).

Homestaging, or verkoopstyling, is basically a spatial cleansing: By removing personal items, neutralising and resetting the energy of the space, the house feels welcoming to any visitor and enhances the chances for fast selling at the best possible prize. It is an investment saving you thousands of Euros and pays back big time!

But I don’ t work only with spatial energies! I am currently studying Chakra & Aura Healing and learn besides the healing with energy, crystals and remedies also to read the cards or a photo.

Now you might wonder what kind of services I exactly offer? Ok, here just a short list of my work with spatial and physical energies.


To free your environment from stagnant energies and negativity, generate a fresh breeze to energise your home or office.
Recommended especially before moving into a new home, after unpleasant happenings, especially accidents or death of a loved one.
Space cleansing rituals should be held regularly and also help against sleeping problems.

FLOORPLAN REVIEW (30 min – 1 hour) – you can book your slot online
A quick scan of the layout and use of rooms, sleeping and seating areas and directions.

Full FENG SHUI Consultations for your home or office including review and recommendations for
– layout and use of rooms
– sleeping and seating areas and directions
– placement of furniture
– colour schemes & decor
For successful application the advice will be given and implemented as far as possible in your home.


Your birthdate is the key to your characteristics, relationships and success. It gives a deeper understanding of the elements beneficial for you and allows even an outlook in the future. Chinese use if for fortune telling before any marriage. The combination of Feng Shui and Birth chart readings is very powerful!

CHAKRA HEALING (in person or remotely)
Physical imbalance and pain often relates to insufficient energy flow through the chakras. The chakras are the energy centers within your body; along your spine. The corresponding colours can be applied for use of crystals, clothing and home decor to help quick recovery of a weakened chakra.