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My about: I am Britta van Arman, a space optimiser, a planner, an energy transformer, a healer & feeler, wife, mother of two internationally raised children and a down to earth do-er.

I have been an event organizer, planning the spatial set up of international conferences and exhibitions, for many years. Entering a new space, my mind immediately tries to optimise the use of a space. My inner eye moves furniture into place, repositions wall decor and harmonises rooms depending on their usage and the inhabitants’ needs.

Spaces, their impact on wellbeing and behaviour, always fascinated me!

Being a perfectionist, I wanted to build a proper basis and therefore studied interior design to gain better understanding on the practical approach of spatial planning. My questions related to spatial energies were then answered later, during my  Feng Shui studies with Grandmaster Lillian Too and World of Feng Shui Netherlands. Currently I am studying with Dato Joey Yap from Malaysia. The combination of both, Interior Design and Feng Shui, enables me to define best places for sleeping, wining & dining as well as working without losing the practical approach. But I don’ t work only with spatial energies! I am also holding a diploma in Chakra & Aura Healing, apply crystals for energetic healing of physical and spatial blockages and implement card readings in my consultations and workshops.

Feng Shui is an undiscovered opportunity for more synchronicity

Applying Feng Shui, I help mainly professional women increasing the energy of their environment so that their mindfulness work is also supported by their surroundings. This is a rather unknown field in the Western world, but is a very important part of a mindful lifestyle. Imagine you practice mediation, yoga and eat as healthy as you can to maintain a high level of energy for body & mind. What happens if you then spend a lot of time in a space that is actually draining your energy? All the hard work you put in with your mindfulness practices is loosing its impact! I help you to change this by creating a home and workspace that supports you in whatever you do, puts you in the flow, increases your efficiency, your relationships and the outcome of all your efforts!

My clients have reported amazing changes in their lives after implementing my advice! The results were better focus and more efficiency, relieve from pain, better sleep, healed and new relationships as well as new opportunities, more clients and better financial flow.

Here in short what I offer:


BALANCED HOME Consultations for your home and homeoffice including review and recommendations for
– layout and use of rooms
– sleeping and seating areas and directions
– placement of furniture
– colour schemes & decor

To free your environment from stagnant energies and negativity, generate a fresh breeze to energise your home or office.
Recommended especially before moving into a new home, after unpleasant happenings, especially accidents or death of a loved one.
Space cleansing rituals should be held regularly and also help against sleeping problems.

You probably heard someone say something like “Since I moved into the new home, everthing goes wrong!”, right? To avoid this from happening to you, I offer this service! I inspect the external and internal influences of the home BEFORE you buy it! This way you can rest assured that you make, on the energetic side, no bad investment! (I am NOT a building specialist who can judge on the buildings foundation or such thing).


Your birthdate is the key to your characteristics, relationships and success. It gives a deeper understanding of the elements beneficial for you and gives insights of your talents, growth potential and best fitting work environment. This practice even allows an outlook in the future. Chinese use if for personal development and as well as for fortune telling before marriage to define fit of the couple and family expansion. The combination of Feng Shui and Birth chart readings (called BaZi or Paht Chee) is very powerful and can be used to empower personal development and team building in corporate environment as well!

CHAKRA HEALING (in person or remotely)
Physical imbalance and pain often relates to insufficient energy flow through the chakras. The chakras are the energy centers within your body; along your spine. The corresponding colours can be applied for use of crystals, clothing and home decor to help quick recovery of a weakened chakra. If you tell me about physical problems during an inventory meeting, I can add a chakra reading to a home consultation and apply the remedies in my proposal for your home enhancement plan.

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